ACEBEAM K75 LED Searchlight Throw 2500meters 6300lumens Output Released

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Does new K75 has square LED beside ???

The photos are so grossly over exposed/exaggerated. Look like short arc military search lights.

If it can run on Turbo for at least 2mins maybe… 3-4 yes. 5min instant buy?

I was considering the BLF giga thrower but this sounds more appealing for the obvious extra light output.

Sorry but just 1min of Turbo is useless for any outdoor use. Impressive though. when will they crack the 3KM mark i wonder?

Looks to have alot of meat on the body but maybe they can increase size of cooling fins on bottom area of reflector?

The big head design on this actually looks really nice. I like the heatfins alot. GT4 still looks best though but not sure if it will ever come out.

Yes, olight X6

This acebeam looks awesome. Hope it’s available in the UK soon

Why does the led cost so much??? Greed?

Maybe because it’s the second Mother of the first Mother of all LED’s Or maybe now it is the first Mother? :person_facepalming:

Or greed… :frowning:

Luminus CFT-90 Testing - The Mother of all LEDs

ACEBEAM K75 available in UK

Will you offer same pricing for non-UK distributors in Europe? I have seen prices of EUR 319,00 here in Germany whereas YowCha! offers the K75 for GBP 225 which is about EUR 245 only. There are no customs / tax charges that may need to be taken into account.

UI is a little sluggish to me. Not as fast to change modes or go straight into moonlight compared to my other lights— whether it’s driver VN, Anduril, or Zebralight.

Hotspot and corona are big, around the same size as the hotspot and corona of the Cat6 with XHP35 HI. A very useful and thick beam. I have not taken it outside yet.

Heat is well managed in eco mode. 4 minutes of turbo (3000 lumens) and the light is just warm around the e-switch. If there is any thermal regulation ramping going on, it’s very smooth subtle— can’t really notice anything.

In power mode, turbo gets hot instantly. By 1 minute in, it’s nearly too hot to hold, and the thermal control starts ramping its output down. The 3000 lumens seems very usable, while the 6300 turbo is just a ‘lemme show this to my friends real quick’ type of mode.

I’m not sure why the heatfins half way up the taper of the head, the placement makes no sense. Aesthetically it’s cool, but the heat doesn’t spread to the thin shell holding the reflector in place. It first starts at the shelf of the LED around where the switch is at, and then goes towards handle first. I would have preferred something more like the way Maxtoch does it with the XPro, where there’s a solid chunk of fins just below the reflector. Not having the fins half way up the taper would make the light less top heavy as well. The ones around the button are thick and deep though, and do a good job.

Thanks Acebeam

weird such big beefy head and it can barely just manage 1 minute highest? 6000lumens isnt that high u think for this size no ? it should be able run a few min highest without heat issues imo…

If I had to guess it’s pulling over 100 watts on turbo. Not even something like the BLF GT host can handle the CFT90 when driven to such levels for more than a minute or two, according to Vinh’s site.

BLFGT4 with all of its fins would be more appropriate, but that was designed for 4 emitters. 4 SBT90gen2s driven to around 4500 lumens each for 150ish watts total might be interesting for that host.

Left to right: K75, TN40vn, XProvn, Catapult6

This is my next light. The person who supplies all of my Acebeam lights has not gotten his hands on one, yet. (USA)

Factory beamshots are nice to look at, but I like beamshots that are not posted by the manufacturer. These two, plus posted specs, are what I use to envision what the beam performance/beam profile looks like.

There are two modified items in this size/performance/emitter classification that I agonized over for many months, tossing and turning and thinking about pulling the trigger on, that I skipped. This item, however, is a Buy Now for me. My supplier emailed me an hour ago in response to my serious inquiry, and told me he will let me know when he gets his hands on this dedicated throw monster.

I feel criminal using the K75 in urban environments. Whereas with the T21vn I could point it around discretely without flooding everything around the hotspot, but with the K75 it’s like I’m just barfing out light everywhere in the general area I’m pointing. What a monster.

In these pics I’m pointing at a face of a parking garage 700 meters away. Camera settings were locked at f/2.0, 1/20sec, iso 640 for all 3 shots.




The T21vn decently lights up the middle part of the face of the parking garage, and barely the tops of the trees just in front of it.
The K75 lights up the entirety of the garage’s face, wraps around it to the right side, lights up the trees in front of it, lights up the trees in front of those trees, and the spill completely lights up the tree that’s about 20 feet in front of me to the left in the foreground.

Could you post more beam shots please? Also, how does the beam stack up against say MF04 or blf gt? Would you say it hits 1.5m cd as advertised? I own a K70 and am seriously considering buying a K75 when it becomes available here.

Twisted Raven- what are the actual dimensions? I’ve seen several different specs.

I think this will be my next thrower based in your beamshots.

I doubt it can come close to my proper dedomed MF04S, even without my dual packs.

MF04 is a budget light with an oversized head

You forget the S on its chest!

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