Acebeam W30

I have been sitting on this fence with this one, I see that this light has brought excitement to many people. My excuse is that I have the very exciting K75. I searched your posts to see what you have to say about this epic thrower, but I no find. Please tell us how much you love this light and why.

BTW, K40 3 Km and K40 6 Km are in the buzz mill.

I think it’s kind of a Catch-22. I think LEP lights have to get more popular for the price to come down, and I think the price has to come down for them to get more popular. I am hopeful that it will happen eventually though.

1st one I pulled apart to see how it worked and modified the driver. 2nd i got because Ithe first didnt go back together properly. 3rd one I want the the light engine out of it. I like big lights although the w30 is small it throws like the big ligjts.
Beam shot comparison W30 beam is the lower left. The 2 fat beams are a GT, K75 and the other 2 are scratch build aspherics. The middle light throws the furthest it is just pointing away from the others.

I just got the W10 gen II and I like it way better anyways. Actually can use the light for shining deer and such, plus it fits right in my pocket. Now the W30 just sits, maybe will use it in upcoming vids I guess. Or sell on ebay.

Thinking I should get a w10 just to play with

w40 w50 :smiling_imp:

I wonder if they would work with a knife edge

i hope to see them all in 2 weeks ;)

W40 W50???

i hope acebeam have them ready to be shown on the IWA

W50 is probably the same laser module but with an aspheric lens as wide as a BLF GT head. :disappointed:

Might mount a 100mm PCX in W30 to see how it goes

I'll take W50, and the X65GT, too.

Group buy for the W40 or W50 maybe? :money_mouth_face:

acebeam does not like such "publicity"

but I had deals for most of their products ;)

I dont normally hack lights up but was quickest and easiest way to do it. I will try some other configurations later.

Stock W30 left

Bring on the new versions

So let me guess…

1. W30-$300.00 Discontinued?

2. W40-$400.00

3. W50-$500.00


Hope not then I will only be able to get 2. Haha about 2003 I built a 50w led array and it cost me $1800 just for the LEDs. It is idiots like me buying them that will bring the price down. Maybe it wont and im just a fool :smiley:

W50 say 6Km beam distance, that’s like, OMG

I think Acebeam just instigated MAB ( Mutually Assured Blindness ) in thrower flashlights.

W50 at 6 KM. Like I’ve always said. If it takes you and hour to walk the length of the beam distance of a flashlight, buy it!!
Hard to believe but we’ll see