Adding a LASER to my D4 (and CCT adjustment, and USBC charging, and UV, and RGB...)

Absolutely mad!

And the tweezers fingers are back on business :smiley:

Impressive work! :o

Nice job, especially regarding the soldering :smiley:

:+1: :+1: :+1:

Now this is cool!

Sign me up, if ever you decide to sell these bad boys.

Your custom builds continue to inspire awe. I’m stunned just to see all these features together in one flashlight, but to squeeze it all into a D4 is amazing. Really great work!

You really excelled yourself. :sunglasses: :person_with_crown: I have never seen such a small charging circuit. I also admire your self designed and programmed driver PCB.

18 wires inside the D4 driver cavity must be a new record.

This build is awe inspiring. Well done. :person_with_crown:

Next stop: Now time to add aux LEDs inside the bezel and switch. :smiling_imp:

This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ve wanted a low power 520nm laser in a small flashlight for a while, but the closest I’ve found are the 532nm DPSS weapon lights.

Did you use another 30mW PLT5 diode?

Yes exactly. Those have made it way easier to make green lasers small compared to how it used to be with DPSS

Wow super cool dude. I have a 1 watt pocket green laser and the beam is gorgeous.

You could also do a blue which don’t have as beautiful a beam but are a lot more powerful for burning things and lighting stuff on fire. I have a 6 watt

You guys/gals really crack me up and amaze me.

I knew a guy on AudioAsylum, who whenever he bought a new electric/electronic device, would completely disassemble it and see what was up and then he would put it back to together.

You all remind me of him.



Absolutely incredible work!

So I have an Emisar 9.3 light. When you turn it on, it’s the 9 primary diodes with the normal Anduril functionality. click-click-hold switches to the other 3. There are numerous combinations of LEDs to choose from.

It would be so sweet to have 3 lasers that activate for channel 2… I’d pay mad money for something like that

Again , what you did is amazing

I wanted to update my D4v2 to match this functionality, but I didn’t want to go through the same manual work again, so I’ve designed and ordered custom driver and LED boards that are being manufactured right now:

Having PCBs will make it feasible to build these for other people if there is interest, although I doubt there’s enough interest to make it worth setting up the machining operations so people would need to do the mechanical modifications themselves.

Yeah I might be on board depending on price (: looks amazing, much more so than my 3 D4v2’s (:

Very nice! Might give it a shot. Looks like a very densely packed board.

I’d be very interested in purchasing the PCB and driver.

  • I would need the driver pre-assembled with all components.
  • For the PCB, I would also prefer to have all components preassembled, but if necessary I could install them myself.
  • If any drilling or dremeling is needed in the head, I can do that myself.

Just excellent. I am impressed and this project gives me motivation to continue learning more about electronics and flashlights.