Advice needed for buying a light for my dad

LOL :)

Hey, I've got a Dorcy....

Yeah, guess I'm sort of old too. I do love side-clicky flashlights, so much easier to carry normally instead of up by your face.

My dad is a simple person, I think he would get frustrated with a multi-mode flashlight as it would never be on the brightness he wanted and lets say it starts in strobe when all you want is light, etc. HmmmmHe would not do the multimeter thing so buying a kit that comes with an 18650 light, batteries, and charger for $25 or so may not be the way to go either. I have read from another forum that those batteries can mess up if you do not watch voltages with them.

It's funny, My mother has always lived in a simpletech life...

My Mother is 74 now and I gave her some simple one mode lights, she was impressed by the brightness. Then I gave her a Skyray S-A1 and she took to the modes right away! I explained one time to her how to use it and she picked up on it right away and asked me "what if I turn it off in blinky mode will it come back on like that?"

I thought to myself " I may have a late blooming flashaholic here!" Since then my mom has inquired about adding some XML's to her collection .

That is a fantastic story. :) My dad is the kind of person who is not impressed with Snap-On tools....his tools from the 60s will remove a sparkplug just the same. He is not impressed by a BMW, his Ford is just fine. You follow my logic here? For him "if it ain't broke....don't fix it". He is a creature of habbie, same tv shows each day, has shaved the same way since the 70s, conventional motor oil works fine, why pay for synthetics? :)

If you're throwing down for a dorky light because it takes AA's why not just go and buy a mcu-C88..3-modes hi-med-lo.. no flashing disco modes . feels like a tank. not plastic. .

If you like yellow ..It would look nice with a bright yellow lanyard like this .

Try Solarforce L2i, and xpg-r5, I think these 2 combine will make a good combo. I heard from this forum this holster, will fit. All for $26.

This light,

is the flashlight responable for making me a borderline flashlightaholic. Once opon a time, before my knew found addiction, I had a 4d Maglight. While on a camping trip,
I was using my 10 pound ultra bright 4Dmag, a friend pulled out a light that appeared to be its little sister (3 C Rayovac). To make a long story short, the Rayvoac beat the Maglight like a circus monkey.

After the beatdown, I had to have one. The light has 2-modes, high 180 Lm and low 70Lm. There are a lot of smaller lights that are less expensive that are brighter. I will say, the quality/construction on this light along with the runtime (never tested but the manufacture specs may be close) warrents the extra $$ over some Chinese lights that, at times, need some maintaince. I have had mine for about 1 year and it's been used & abused and it still works as well as the day I bit my lip and bought it.

Anyone want to buy a 4D mag? (Just Kidding)

Since you have a surefire I think a solarforce isn't really a great recommend . I like a AA tank 566 with an extra battery adapter so it's twice as long ..They shove nicely in a AA mini mag holster too. the light just has a great feel to it and is improved by the adapter.

a AA tank 566 with an extra battery adapter? What light do you type of? :) I am getting so many good choices to pick from for my dad so this is great.

UltraFire WF-606A , ROMISEN RC-P3 (side clicky, clip) might be worth a look too, but the L2R is probably brighter and of better built quality

This is a great site, so many great choices, thank you all very much.

don't know why just have a fondness for these lights . probably just the design and the way they feel in your hand .. there are a million to choose from .I think tanks are a great choice .I like about everything they ever made.

You really know how to hurt a guy.


I'm not saying that people other than the elderly wouldn't also appreciate the light

man this is getting fun and also a tad confising as there are so many good choices. :)

Hello everyone. Thank you all for the help. I bought this light for my dad: Items
1 Romisen RC-N3 II NW Neutral White LED Flashlight 2-Mode in Gray @ $19.50 = $19.50
1 Holster for Romisen RC-N3, RC-F4 @ $1.83 = $1.83

I think that he will be happy with this setup. Thanks again for all the great help.

That's good, 'cus I like it & I'm only 67!


67 isn't that old .. there are lots of 67 year old cars running around these days in perfect shape .My computer is 67 years old .the tree in my front yard is 60 foot tall and isn't 67 yet .. .Did you ever meet Napoleon ? 67 is like a spring chicken . I have stuff in my refrigerator older than that ...

I like the choice of a neutral white and you can't go wrong with Shiningbeam or Romisen. If he doesn't use rechargeable batteries, I like to get Energizer Advanced or Ultimate because they have a 10-year shelf life and won't ever leak like alkalines. They're kind of expensive, but they last a lot longer than alkalines and sometimes you can find them on sale.