Alibaba GT-FC40 tested (a 5000K 95CRI 12V domeless XHP70 replacement, supplied by rngwn)

If this led was in 3V I would have many ideas for it and probably the first flashlight already built.

Edit: it is at least not a design problem, looking at how the led is build up for 12V, a 3V version would simply look like this:

I unsoldered the led to have a look at the footprint. It looks like it uses a board made for XHP70 in 12V configuration. I checked continuity of the thermal pad and the core and there is, so the board is DTP: the entire thermal pad seems one with the core.

The footprint looks like its for 12v only. But at least you can swap the MCPCB size.

So, what happened to this LED? No news in over a year…

Still for sale, still a nice led.
There are some reports of the use of this led in rngwn’s sales thread: WTS/GB: [4000k ARRIVED, Test Report's In] GT-FC40 (a.k.a. XHP70's flattop, 12v 40w sister) 95 CRI, Available in 4000k, 5000k

Simon also got samples of this LED from Getian, but no further details. I think he said he used to work for this company at some point in time too.

I took some beamshots

I’ve never seen a bare 12v or 6v mcpcb… based on the picture above, what indicates visually that it is either 12v or 6v ? I have a flashlight in either one of those and I’d like to examine it.

Some are configurable like (at least older) Sinkpads. But a 6V will look like a normal mcpcb with “three-stripe” pads. The 12V will have a “s” shaped pad where the Anode and Cathode are split and half are connected to the thermal pad. Pic from Djozz on the first page… Alibaba GT-FC40 tested (a 5000K 95CRI 12V domeless XHP70 replacement, supplied by rngwn) - #15 by djozz

thanx a lot. dont think itnis that interesting. jist.beacuse of some more throw...such worse power efficiency is deal killer for me

Thanks Mocarny for your beamshots, and thanks for rngwn for getting attention for this LED. This is truly a great LED to use in a Convoy L6.

I am a huge MTG-02 fan, but this one has converted me! The output of the 4500k in the S11 is so creamy that it is almost dreamy. It also has a much better hot spot since it has no dome.

Exactly! I feel all of my MT-G2 flashlights obsolete now (3 pieces of Haikelite SC-02).

I have a Convoy M21C with GT-FC40 5000k and the tint is perfect, and CRI is excellent. Review is here

I am think of converting my Haikelite’s but I am not sure if they are 12V on not, have not torn into them that far… Did the MT-G2 only come in 12V… I think so! I still do love the old workhorses… I did make a P60 drop in once with a 4000k MT-G2 and loved it… will have to dig it out again as well.

Darn it, memory returning… the MT-G2 was 6v…. :frowning:

Thanks for this. Now I just need to find a BLF GT70 mpcb and I can reflow and upgrade my BLF GT!

I made some color test lighting set of thinks with different light sources:

  1. Sun light in room with neutral color walls and ceiling.
  2. SST40 5000k LED in convoy flashlight. Battery current (LED has consume same) was around 2A.
  3. SST20 4000K LED in convoy flashlight. Battery current (LED has consume same) was 1.75A.
  4. LH351D 4000K LED in sofirn HS05 flashlight. Battery current (LED has consume same) was around 2.3A.
  5. GT-FC40 4000-4500K LED in convoy S11. Battery current (LED current is unknown) was around 3.2A.

White balance was automatic. There is next post with WB fixed to day light.
All flashlights have different light beams.
So try to not notice to light level, shadows, color temperature.
Just notice to color differentiation into each scene. Are the colors distinguishable?

Red and brown are definitely off on sst40. FC40 looks less yellow than the others.

Sorry for some mistake. I took photos in auto white balance mode. Fortunately I took them in RAW and there is new set of photos with day light WB.

I’ve just read a review on Reddit of the Acebeam E70 CRI with the GT-FC40 but can’t see it on Acebeam’s website.