Aliexpress dealer's new tricks

Hownahell you pronounce that, anyway? “youhuituwenguanggaoyouxiangongsi”?


That’s even worse than French.

yǒu xiàn gōng sī

limited company

“Beef with broccoli limited company corporation”, then? :laughing:

I bought a few power bricks (12V 10A (I think), 24V 6A (I think), 24V 1A), sorted cheapest first and bought some with a lot of reviews. Too bad I didn’t notice there were also some bad ones and I had exactly the same problems… I tested them with a load to see if they could hold up, some got quite hot and I could prove it so I got some money back. The 24V 1A seems to hold up quite well though, the bigger ones I’m not so confident in. They had rather weird wires too (3 pole connection on one side, 2 pole on the other). TLDR: it’s a bit hit or miss, just be sure to do good research (as with everything on Aliexpress ofc) :slight_smile:

Well, you just have to be careful with Ali, or you can get fake Casio instead of fake Citizen :smiley:

In fact, I didn’t notice that “original” Citizen is a “CIIIZEN”. My father just looked for the best price and big display, so not a big issue - and it’s one of my worst Ali experiences till now.

I’ve just checked that have already over 100 orders in Ali in a bit over 1 year. It happened twice that my goods were not delivered, some kitchen sponges and recently Sofirn flashlight with batteries, which didn’t get through the customs. I was refunded in each case (Sofirn reaction and refund was very quick, although communication could be better), including some disputes opened when delivery deadline passed - I’ve got refunds and after few days also the parcel (in that cases I’ve repaid it by ordering sth else in similar price and confirming fake delivery in few weeks to support honest sellers). And all this without pay pal, but standard debit card (I use prepaid one for internet shopping).

So, generally my experience with Ali is positive. I stick to few simple rules:

- for more expensive things store rating needs to be > 97-98; something around 90-92 is very weak result in Ali rating system, <95 is already below the average

- I always read bad comments to check if it’s really something wrong with the seller, or negatives are from people not paying attention to quantities, sizes, or just dumb or mean

- I doublecheck shipment prices and ask for adjustment for bigger orders

  • and pay extra attention for sales - when Ali gives coupons for free, some sellers try to do gain on it and rise prices a lot.

Main difference between Ali and eg. Banggood IMO is that in AE you see different shops/sellers and communicate with them directly, while BG you see products only and they pretend to have great customer support, but you just talk with person not directly working for the shop with goods you want, but to some intermediate, which doesn’t help much. And there is no big competition in BG as well - one “source” sells eg. Nitecore, so you have to stick to these prices, while stores in AE have to somehow fight for the customer, so you can select shop which has the best price/rating ratio that suits you. Just avoid bad sellers - that’s a bit tricky part.

eBay dealers are also starting to using these Tricks of the Trade.

It’s a minefield out there in online shopping :frowning: :frowning:

The items advertised as $2.00 - $15.00 but when you click on it the only price is $10.00 to $15.00
If there is an item listed at $2.00 it is always OUT OF STOCK

Really a waste of time.

When the main page shows a range of prices I always consider only the highest price. In 99% of cases this is the price that I need to pay for the item anyway. It means that I sometimes miss the cheapest item out there but I avoid so many time wasters….


  • yesterday I encountered a glitch when an item wasn’t discounted as much as advertised. It was actually twice as expensive. I removed it from cart, added again and it cost what it was meant to.
  • last 11.11 I sought the best deals for the items that I wanted before the sale. In some cases they were not a part of 11.11 sale. In one case - on 11.11 the price went up significantly.

Yes, this is a mine field. And increasingly not so cheap, I often find stuff cheaper locally. Actually in some cases I find it cheaper with free shipping from China. :person_facepalming: Considering that even cheap junk is going to be taxed with VAT since June, I’m now suspending Ali purchases to see how it ends.

Another interesting thing …
I wanted to buy something.
Free shipping but when I added it to the cart shipping cost was added
I clicked on Buy Now direct from the advert page & shipping was Free.

Must be a ‘software bug’

That bug also occurs with different currencies. Free shipping with $US, but added shipping when buying in EUR or similar.