Amateur Skyray King Mods Help

Hi All,

Just joined the forum. I was telling my wife, can you believe there are bunch of people who are so obsessed with flashlights. Haha. Then she says, look in a mirror.

Anyway, I just ordered a Skyray King clone from Amazon for about 20 bucks and I’m sure it’s gonna have some of those cheapo parts that prevent it from reaching it’s glorious luminous potential. Can someone point me in the right direction as to what parts I might need and instructions as to how to mod it so it’s as awesome as the Skyray King is supposed to be. I’m looking for more basic mods. I’m fine with soldering but anything beyond that kinda scares me.

Thanks so much for providing such a forum for us addicts.


Welcome aggillztor! I’m also from Houston! :smiley:

Someone recently posted about how they modded their SRK: [MOD] SRK-43 aka "Poor man's Meteor"

There’s lots of problems with all SRKs that prevent it from reaching it’s glorious luminous potential, and these problems have to be fixed.

I’m almost certain that it has fake cree LEDs. Those have to be changed for real crees. The difference between the real and fake cree is in thousands of lumens. Tint is also greatly improved.

Here’s a post on them to give you more info: - The Fake-Cree LED Awareness Thread - The new "low" in Budget lights.

Those LEDs sit on something called a MCPCB, and it’s made out of aluminum in your SRK. To really get the light going you need those LEDs to sit on copper to be able to transfer the heat away effectively.

That MCPCB needs to sit on a shelf inside the light that will transfer the heat away from the LEDs/MCPCB, to the light body itself. SRK’s have been lacking this shelf lately, so its probable that yours does also. A shelf/heatsink needs to be created and put into the light in a way to properly distribute the heat.

A new driver is needed to power the LEDs to their max potential.

I don’t have a SRK, but that’s what I’ve gotten from other’s who have modded their lights and posted about it.

If you want a light that’s already incredibly bright and really affordable, this is the best place to find it. :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF!

Yeah I got a bunch of those cheapie SRKs too for modding

First is done
A 32*7135 driver from RMM (BLF username with his own good shop Mountain Electronics)
I put the ALU ledboard on the stove with a little bit of solder and when that became liquid I took the LaticeBright LEDs of
Later (after some BLF input what the + side was) I reversed this and placed 4 XML2 NW on that
Some dirty solder work later and using some thermal grease I now have a brighter light with nice tint and moon mode

Next in the planning a triple with the Q8 Narsil driver and XPL NW
But this will take a while
Lucky me now I can redo the soldering on the first to prwctice before doing the real Q8 driver

Welcome to the forum. As you can see lots of helpful folks here….

My modest suggestion would be identical to Sharpies: invest in good batteries and charger and enjoy the light.
A good light for first mods is the Convoy S2 series.
And parts from Mountain Electronics.
Plus, don’t forget to sign up for The Miller’s Q8 project.
It is destined to be the all-time classic.
You’ll not want to miss out on all the fun and games.