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Thanks , I will give that a try.
Edit: Yup, that worked.

Unscrew the pill. Mine (pill) was tight so the friction between the head and o-ring on the pill didn’t work, when I tried unscrewing the head. The board is 15.65mm on mine, don’t have the pill with me it is at work, was going to make a press fit slug for it, but I think a 16mm board will work? So what ever you got on a 16mm board…I have yet to mess with the resistor on the driver, so I don’t know what the driver is capable of yet. On a 14500 Purple Efest I think I got like 60-80lms stock, IIRC?


With the (1R5) 1.5ohm resistor 2” 22awg leads, I got .83amp High, .20amp Low and ,43amp Strobe measured at the emitter.

Jumped the resistor got 1.45amp at the emitter then went single mode. It did got thru the levels twice, then went single :smiley:

Now to wipe it clean and piggy back a 12mm FETDD driver…That I have had (a few of them) bought at RMM’s Garage Sale years ago…

Thanks for the rundown . Let me know what the final form turns out to be. I need to order parts to do any mods. Any recommendation for an emitter/driver combo?

Just fyi, I've been working on the TESLACOM light, got it fully apart. Got the tail knob thing working better. Swapping 4 springs with the small Blue ones, and the spring in the tail assembly I swapped for a brass button.I could swap the driver but just might keep it for now. Swapping in an old XML2 U3 3D on a SinkPAD I had for while now, did a resistor bypass, and will swap the 24 AWG LED wires to 22 AWG. Not expecting anything too crazy but should be a nice boost and tint, hoping for 1000 lumens or so. The shelf for mounting is not so great, but figure using good thermal grease where it's needed will help, and sanding surfaces down.

For the hard-to-press button, I added some epoxy on the inside of the button, and also added some on top of the switch. I'm thinking this should improve it. Looks like in assembly, they cut down the button knob inside the button cover, so I guess they had troubles with it, just think they cut it too far down.

The UI really isn't that bad - 4 modes, appear to be well spaced, w/memory (I think, if I have memory...), and think it was long press to turn it off.

The charging circuit looks well separated from the MCU that drives the light. Both the charging circuit and the MCU have access to red and greed aux LED's. A 17 mm driver should fit in there, replacing the perpendicular mounted board that controls the main LED. I clearly see where batt+,grnd, the switch, and the aux LED's come in to the board, so very do-able.

Only thing I have done to mine is put an SST-40 in it but I didn’t measure output before I did it and I really didn’t notice a difference output. Keep us posted. Maybe I will have time in the future to upgrade mine some more. Not a bad lightfor the price I paid for it.

Just posted the TESLACOM mod on the mod thread here:

Decent output now (~1000 manufacturer lumens, ~900 ANSI calibrated lumens) in a nice NW tint.

Stock I measured about 585 that went to ~1000 now, and throw from 15 kcd to 26.5 kcd.

PhotoBucket album here:

The tail knob is now smoother - Nyogel on threads, spring chages, but it's still hard to get to start threading.

Dang, forgot to mention, but I added some clear epoxy to the tip of the switch and it activates a little better now. The epoxy I put on the knob of the inside of the button cover came off when I tried to assemble it all - I think it would have helped more.

Edit: just updated the mod thread post...

Finally—I bought this work light on Dec 6 — after 10 emails—3 times promised it was shipped to me—a threat of turning into Amazon and a Full refund—It arrived
Not a bad light for free — through Vipon it was only $5

On vipon for 10bux (half-price), quite nice kitchen scale!

Only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s a fingerprint magnet, but for 10bux I’ll live with it.

True, no batteries required, just give the knob a half-turn or so and it “charges”. Has a tare function to subtract the weight of the container you’re sticking food into, handles over 10lbs/5kg, and is a respectable size (about that of a medium-sized tablet).

I’ll have to play with it more, but first impressions are pretty good!

I actually like this light. I’ve used it a couple of times around the house. Not bad… worth a couple of bucks at least.

The Sofirn Q8 5000LM, 4 XPL HI LED is scheduled to be in a Lightening Deal at 1715 hrs EST (1645 for Prime) today (12 Feb). It boasts impressive throw with a wide area of flood.

The current price is $59.99. During the Oct 18 Lightening Deal, it went for $42.44.

Yes, Amazon's Choice . My head went alien reading those reviews

i hope this isnt a silly question, but how easy is it to read the scale with a large bowl on it, please?
my current scale is not so good that way.


’Oo, me?

Haven’t tried it with a big bowl (cereal bowl, only), but the display is pretty visible.

The whole thing’s about the size of a medium tablet, the display faces straight up, and one possible downside is that it’s not illuminated, so you do have to look down at it and not from a shallow angle.

’Though even when I press down on the bottom, below the display, it still registers the weight, so you can try positioning the bowl so that it even hangs off slightly and see if the weight remains constant (I’m at work, so obviously can’t test it out here).

Unless you’re talking about a punch-bowl, I don’t think it’d be a problem, though.

Yep, there it is: Q8 at $42.44 -- hhmmm, really think'n bout it. Now for Prime members, in 25 mins for non-primers.

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 is $15.29 for another 1hr and 45mins:

ActiveAl, could you please share how you came across the scheduled lightning deal information?

I’m Canadian and I’ve tried to find “lightning deals” or special one-day prices on but haven’t been able to? Does anyone know if the same deals are even available on (see photo below showing only a $6.00 off coupon on

On a side note!

Here’s proof amazon recognizes the quality of BLF products! :smiley: Especially considering that right beside it: the BEST SELLER is a 2-pack yhkj flashlight! :person_facepalming:

Here is a thread that helps describe the process I use to find upcoming Lightening Deals. Sorry, I can't help you from the Canadian viewpoint. Take care, and Thanks!

Thorfire TG06S AA/14500 light for $10 bucks after coupon!

TG06S Lightning Deal

I like my Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 well enough, but maybe a little light like this for each vehicle is in order. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. They make nice gifts too.

The Tool AA is smaller, lighter, and a little more refined. But I prefer the tint of TG06S and the fact it always starts on High.

FWIW, I've started using the Vapecel 1000 mAh 14500 Gold cell with my 14500 flashlights. Testing has indicated the 1000 mAh claim is pretty close.

Lightning deal for the Sofirn SP32A v2.0 at 4:30 PM Pacific Time US (about an hour from now)