Amazon Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

I have one with a Samsung 4k with DC fix —makes for a nice everyday light

So what you’re saying is —People buying one at a time on different accounts makes the deal go away faster than people buying (8) — Go figure—must be the New Math


  • I just got the code on Vipon.
  • Went to Amazon.
  • Put 4 in my Amazon cart.
  • Proceeded to Check Out.
  • Entered & used Vipon Code.
  • Placed order.

Easy peasy, waiting on shipment & delivery. :wink:
I checked the phone… that was hilarious!! I like “your weatherman”… :+1: . :smiley: :smiley:

That would be great to post on BLF. About 99.999% would find it funny like we do. But that 0.001% would throw cold water on the fun & ruin it with a report. :frowning:

Thus texts, PM & emails…. :wink:

Yes. They release about 5 codes a day. They limit the amount of codes not the amount of flashlights. Even if codes run out you can still buy the FL at full price. Is not the new math.

From what I gather, Vipon is a discount site that gives codes to buy from Amazon?

I looked at Lumintop on and the only reasonable priced one is a hot pink AA and everything else is OBSCENELY overpriced.

Hot pink……… :person_facepalming:

Once again, Canaucks are second class citizens.

WUBEN L50 on sale at Amazon for $19 with code ZQYMHKKR. A very nice flashlight but somewhat long (i.e., 138.8 mm / 5.5 in) because of the built in charging circuitry. Here's a BLF review.

Thanks for the heads up. Just picked one up as a Christmans gift. Great little light.

Looks like it works for the E05 also.

From experience, the coupon can be applied at least two times.

The coupon code works for anything on that page besides the holster. Thanks ActiveAl :+1:

Even with the discount, The E05 is a pricey little bugger. :money_mouth_face: I’m spoiled by the recent Tool AA 2.0 and IYP365 sale. :smiley:

That’s what I was thinking also. If it goes below $20 like it did when it first came out, I’ll grab a couple more. Until then, I’ll have to pass.

Yes I had same thought. Had it in cart but did not pull the trigger. Have Tool 2.0 already and it is fine. Just wish I had the mag tail for it.

I don’t see a discount on the E05 using the posted coupon? Am I doing something wrong? Could someone please post a link to the one the coupon is for, thanks. Probably too late as this was a Lightning Sale, no?

I found a great way to make use of vipon coupons, and it is to not search based on an specific item but price, which are otherwise simply not found on amazon.

As many of you already know most stuff on vipon are rebranded from other existing items, a lot of them with really weird Chinese-made up English words, such as “KEOYSUNG”, “Aosgya”, “clecobyz”, but at the end they are built by the same factory or with the same materials as the ones with prittier brand name and more reviews. The other day I was looking for a car charger with power delivery and did not want to spend $20 on a highly reviewed one, so I got into the vipon app and there was a charger identical to a brand name one for just $5 bucks. When it came it actually was the brand name product. I also scored a 65” aluminum tripod for $25 when these usually run for $45+, decent quality desktop flush mount power strip for $10, Ipad cases that were even cheaper than eBay shipped from China, and a lot more deals, all with amazon prime shipping.

If you’re not looking for a product with a specific brand, jump to vipon first and you’ll be surprised of the deals you’ll find. I’m not sure why some of these deals exists, but there are items that with the coupon end up being almost just $1 and they ship with prime. There can’t be any profit at all…

The only thing I caution about buying “it’s made in the same factory but not a brand name”….it could be the product that didn’t pass inspection.

There are companies who make both, with the same standards, but there are also companies that sell their seconds at cheaper prices rather than scrapping them.

Buyer beware…

I just retried the code and it says code not valid. Deal is gone.

Yep, the code was working before, it made the E05 $25. It was $20 on Vipon some time ago, and considering the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 was $9 recently I skipped on another E05.

Yeah, I passed on the E05 too. I got plenty of those back when they were under $20. Seems like they even got down to $16.99 IIRC??

Anyway, I did get a few Tool AA 2.0’s @ $9. That was to goo to pass up. :wink:

I search for "flashlight" daily.

It seems the site has gone full retard since yesterday.