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Wuben $12 or less maybe.Vipon

Here's my code, I reconsidered, post when used: 4X4MA7B6

I was researching the flashlight, and now it is no longer on Vipon.

Ravpower 16,750 mAh power bank, $10.99:


Ordered one but the 20% off would not piggyback. Still $12 seems like a good deal. Don’t know the color tint? A little on the large size is the only negative I could find. Sorry RC, I must have gotten the last one today.

According to this thread...

...the tint is cool white.

I have the flashlight in my Amazon cart, so I can still buy it for $12 plus tax, but I don't like cool white so I'll pass on this one.

It looks like a great deal, but it's just not for me.

I’m hoping not too cool. My last light listed 6500K but turned out to be white, not blue which is ok . I am getting away from lights I have to remove the batteries to charge. This fits the bill. Good car light.
Edit just read that review and it said that SOS is in the cycle so if that is true still that would be 2nd negative.

Here's a flashlight that takes 4 AA batteries.

It's $5.50 with this vipon coupon:

It has three modes:

High, low, and strobe.

It doesn't appeal to me, but it might be a good deal for someone that doesn't want a flashlight that takes Li-Ion cells.

It's a very handsome flashlight.

I wish the TN4A (or similar - I think there was more than one light in that form factor) could be had affordably.

I was looking for a USB-C light and found this lightning deal + 8% coupon.


Sofirn SF11 is half the cost of TN4A.

I want a BLF edition of SF11, but it doesn’t seem like a popular demand for it :weary:

Those lightning deals don't last long now do they.

Thanks for the heads up regardless.

Nitecore EA42 1800 Lumens 4AA $38.00 at A&A

Lightbringer, Thanks for this awesome gift idea.
I might get some of the pouches from for $5 or $6

30% off clickable coupon on the Wuben C5. Makes it $17.49 after the coupon. Looks like a neat 14500 light. Looks like it might get dropped a few times by me. I need a little knurling in my old age. :smiley:

Sorry for posting in the Vipon thread. :innocent:

Dangit…that thing checked too many boxes for me…

…rechargeable battery (on the battery itself)
…magnetic tail
…nice size

…’nother light on the way…

Lumintop EDC05-Cold White

$21.69 or maybe less, with 10% off coupon

(before tax)


Regular price is $30.98 so this is a good deal if the flashlight appeals to you.

Hmmm…well, it doesn’t have “fire” in the name, it doesn’t have 6 emitters for show, it doesn’t look like housing is plastic…

1,000 lumen headlamp
3,000 mAh cell



Hmm. Looks like an update of the king of budget headlamps, the D10. Looks like a decent deal for $17