Amazon Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

Quick update on the meters…

Did an online chat last week, said it wasn’t delivered, got told it was (!?), and to go look around the house, ask neighbors, etc. Ummm, okay. No joy.

USPS tracking number as-given was 1 digit short. Tried it as-is, nope. Added 0-9 at the end to try 10 more possibilities, all no status. (Began with “93…” so would be a valid/usual number on the front end.)

Emphasis that I was told in the chat that it was delivered, even after C&Ping the resulting link to track the as-given number.

Still waited a while, Just In Case it might show, and still nothing, so did another online chat. Yep, delivered, want a refund? Nope, would rather have the meter, as it was at a really good sale price that I doubt I’d ever see again. Mmmyeah, sorry, can’t do anything about that… want a refund? Fooey, but yeah, go’head.

First part of the chat, verified that it was delivered like last Thursday or whenever. Okay, but can you verify the address it was sent do? Here, we got number-streets, that can be Street, Road, Lane, Avenue, Crescent, etc., and we pretty much got all of ’em in the nabe for the same street number.

“It wasn’t delivered. I can confirm.”

Wait… what? First chat, and earlier in this one, it was “verified” as delivered, and now you can see that it wasn’t? Sorry, but I’m confused.

Tactfully ignored/sidestepped, and I didn’t push it.

Oh, and I asked my usual mailman mailwoman if she possibly remembers what should be a rather largish box/envelope that came a few days ago (asked last week), and nope, doesn’t jingle any bells.

So, got my whopping refund last night, and no meter. :confounded:

Well, at least I’m not being offered 10-20 useless “points” to my amazon “wallet” that I could never use, so there’s that.

Thank you for this!

Got mine yesterday; I like it because it’s unique, different, and it “breathes”
Will post a video when I get—-!!

CONBOLA brand which translates into “with balls” in spanish, Portable fan with 10400mAh internal battery $16.50 with another $3 coupon

I have some very nice dewalt and ryobi fans but I’m a sucker for cheap rechargeable fans, although most of the time its hit or miss

The instructions are not kidding, the batteries in the charger really do get hot while charging. In fact, they
got so hot, I was barely able to touch them when removing them. I think I’ll hold onto the batteries, but only use
the charger when supervised.

Got a review up of the Lumitop Bike Light for The $19.99 Deal

I see it’s now been replaced with a newer model.
New one has LiPo and a smaller mAh rating.

All the Best,

Thrunite W1 $22.49 with battery in green or blue. CW

‘A Round Tuit’…… been a while since I have seen one of those.

These rebranded Mpow bluetooth headphones are back on sale for $7

Do you have these? Arey they any good? Interesting that it ships for free.

These are Mpow 059 Lite.

My sister has Mpow 059 (not Lite), and she really like them.

I know that the 059 Lite is a popular model, but I don't know how good they are.

My sister has owned five different low-priced Mpow bluetooth headphones.

She likes them all except one, which we returned for a full refund.

S11C is $14 at Amazon and Sofirn will probably give a generous coupon code if you ask.

Imalent MS03/MS03W - $110.45 - save $19.50

new knife from gerber at a good price. 12.48. i think they meant to put 21.48, lol

anyway, 7cr steel from a good brand at a good price!

dang, gone out of stock already sry


I just logged into my Amazon account and saw that the price on the IF25A has dropped to $35.69 with free prime shipping. This is available with the 21700 battery included and 4000k and 6500k models. It also shows in stock .

Good deal. This is an under-appreciated light.

UPS just delivered my two each $3.19 extension cords. Not USPS butt rather UPS ground. That had to cost as much or more than I paid for them. Very nice for thrice the price. Better than me hunting down an adapter to fit my three prong device into my two hole extension cord. I use indoor cords for outdoor Xmas decorations every year and not been ’cuted yet, shivered a time er two tho. CLEAR!

Haven’t received mine yet, but UPS is also delivering mine too. What do you think of the quality of the cords and switch??

Switch body is solid, good size posts and soldering looks clean. Good insulation on outer and inner wires. I’ll buy it again at that price.

Been wanting a low-DC clamp meter for awhile and waiting (and waiting) for a better price on the UNI-T 210E. Labor Day discounted prices still going on although the price increased a tiny bit. $48.22 right now after a 9% discount on the listing for the newer “Pro” version. Price dropped a bit on Sunday and I got it for $42, received it today. Nifty little device and my only complaint is that the backlight has a very short timer and apparently no way to keep it lit. Comes with decent but average cheap leads. Got a line splitter while I was at it and played around with AC amps tonight. I know that most motors briefly draw a considerably higher current on startup even if they aren’t capacitor start, but it was surprising to see the numbers on various tools. Going to take it to the office tomorrow to check laser printers and dreaded space heaters. Eventually I’ll get around to using it on flashlights. :slight_smile: