Amazon Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

I find that “vlogging lights” like these are perfect for using as lanterns or night lights. This one even has a remote control. The coupon makes it $10 or $11, depending on the options:

Obeamiu RGB Led Video Light, Video Conference Lighting Accessory for Clip on Laptop with Tripod Stand, 3000mAh 2500-8500K Camera Photography Light for Filming/Live Streaming/Zoom Calls/Remote Working

Ordered one at $6.76 tax included. There was a box for 15% additional off on the item page.

Not a huge discount at 12% but a really nice Hi-CRI 14500/AA light and comes with the 14500 cell.

Skilhunt E2A

《Willcrew DX11 1050 Lumen Dive Light Underwater LED Flashlight, 150M IP68 Waterproof Scuba Diving Torch Handheld Flashlight, 4 Mode, with Rechargeable Battery and Charger

There’s a prime discount also. Total with tax showing at just under 20$
Seem to remember a previous will ree deal and people saying it was a sofirn. I don’t know if this one is also.

I’ve bought four of the diving lights currently being sold by Willcrew and they’re all marked with the ‘Volador’ logo, which have all been imprinted as either sofirn or wurkkos at some point in the past as well.

Ulako Tactical Flashlight

$12.58 = $15.98 (-$2 prime discount) + 10% off

Appears to be rebranded “Unique Fire 1505”:

Slightly cheaper than UltraFire 1505 $21

just for the “weirdness”….

$9.50 with code 50QTQUWG

I love the way they added a Bicycle Wheel tightening wrench to it —- You know that feature makes or breaks it for so many :disappointed:

Thanks for posting that. The scalpel & blades are worth $9.50 alone & is really the main attraction for me 'cause they're convenient for semi-disposable use.


Finally arrived… it’s a micro USB. Pretty sure this one’s going back. It’s

High-Powered Led 3000lumens Flashlights Rechargeable,with COB sidelight,Outdoor Waterproof,Zoomable,Powerful Camping and Emergency Flashlight
26650 battery included

Was $28.99 with Prime deal it’s $20.29
Save 55% on the current price above with promo code 55Z4DEW8, through 1/12 while supplies last.

Comes to $9.13 before tax

For that price I snagged one. I’ll see when it gets here.

I grabbed one also - for that price it is worth a look.

If the 26650 is any good at all this will be a decent purchase. Ordered one just now.

If anyone is looking for some inexpensive 21700 cells, take look at this power bank: It claims "LG 21700 cells", however, I opened one up and found "DBK" branded cells. I did measure a couple at 1A discharge and got 4642 and 4751mAh, so may be OK. As a power bank it meets its stated capacity of 26800 (which is surprising at this price), however, it does not have QC3.0 or PD charging, 5v 3A max.

Update 1/12/2022: price went up $2 (now $14), still a good deal I think.

Huh… that actually doesn’t look too bad, and the price is pretty amazing if the cells are any good, even if “off-brand”.

Same impression. There is only one person (one post?) vetting the cells. I thought it worth a shot anyway. Shipping alone is likely half the price.
My current ‘monster’ is a no-name with 8x18650 replaceable cells. Works, but is not very efficient, and the LCD screen is semi-screwy. Maybe this will be an improvement.

I ordered the power bank since it’s only $13.02 shipped and returnable if I don’t like it. For about the price of a hamburger and fries it’s not much of a gamble.

This light is on vipon again. $5.34 to the door with $5 off amazon coupon and 50% off vipon coupon.

PEETPEN flashlight - 71% off $9.19