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“Amazon’s Choice” too

60% mechanical keyboard:

$15.50 - GIM KB-64 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 64 Keys RGB Backlit (Gateron Optical Blue Switch ) Hot Swappable

$12.50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Laelr RGB Backlit Wired Keyboard 89 Keys Compact Keyboard Gamer Keyboard with 8 Adjustable Backlit Detachabl

Baseus 100W USB-C charger is on sale for $52.43 on Amazon US (only ~$1 more than ordering from Baseus’ AliExpress store).

I’ve bought a few Baseus USB products (charger and cables) and so far only had good experiences. I used to buy Anker but the reviews on their latest products indicate too many QC issues for the premium that they charge.

Lots of bad ratings. Most with the same issue. Though this is not unusual for these high power chargers. I haven’t found any 100 watt chargers (including Anker) that don’t have a bunch of bad reviews. Especially longevity. Way too many , “2 months and it died” type reviews.

I want one, but I think I will wait to see if they ever improve the chip (switching) and reliability.

Has anyone figured out how to enable the BMS yet?

If not, does anyone plan to try to figure it out?

I wonder if the charger contained the circuitry to control it?

It might also be helpful to find out what these were used for. I searched photos online but didnt find anything…

Looks like Fin just listed a coupon for the 65W Baseus. Model CCDK65E - $39.99 W/Coupon via Banggood.

I have a battery vacuum, the battery for it looks similar in shape to these packs —- you control the speed from the back of the battery

Edit: I just took apart my vacuum battery — very similar but slightly different —- looks like there’s a control board that hooks to the battery BMS

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Thanks for taking the time to explore your suspicions. So the control board likely controls the BMS. I took another look and still couldn’t find online pics of this particular pack.

It looks like the sale has ended and BLF cleared them all out. :smiley:

Motion-sensing cabinet lights…

Additional 10% off, so it comes out to 14bux for the tupac, not 14.50 per the listing, so even better.

Looks like Euro plug only though.

Been lookin’ for a deal on these for a while; got um TY.

I bought these 3 for $14.99 they have a switch instead of button the switch is off, on and movement sensor that turns off after 20 seconds. I find them easier to use for old folks.

What is that and where did that thing come from? I guess I didn’t read the deal :person_facepalming:

I don’t have a vipon account, what’s the coupon code please?


X7NPGMTR Mr. Slider ! I just bought these!


I have some under a different brand name. Like the light, but the battery is short lived in high use areas. That seems to be common in lights this size and design, whether LiOn powered or AAA. Just not much juice available.

I use them for places where you don’t use them much, like the pantry and towel cabinet, the pantry light gets recharged once a month when I start noticing the light not being bright enough. the towel cabinet about every 2 months. Not bad IMO.


Of the 8 packs I tore down, 1 of them contained dead cells measuring around 0.5V
Attempting to recharge lithium cells that have been stored with voltage this low is a safety hazard and must be recycled. Hopefully everyone checks the voltage of their cells before putting them into service.

The rest of the cells measured around 3.25 –3.29V and are just fine.

Too bad the deal is dead of Id buy more.