Amazon Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread


Congrats. I’m kind of bummed… I clicked to order and thought it had processed through. It didn’t. Went back to check and submit again, but the deal was off. Grrr. So, looking around at other bike light offerings.

Here’s one that looks interesting, despite built-in 2400mAh battery pack (2x18650):
AlpsWolf Rechargeable Bike Lights Headlight and Back Light, LED Bicycle Light Set 2400 mAh Power Bank, 800LM, 3+5 Light Modes, IPX5 Waterproof, Mountain Bike Lights for Night Riding
$16.10 with 35% off coupon

Camping Lantern Flashlight Outdoor Light - Rechargeable 10 Light Modes 2000 LM 8800 mAh Ipx4 Waterproof with USB Port Charging Portable Emergency Lamp Home LED Spotlight

Curious multi-function light, resembling your basic 6v lantern flashlight from childhood camping days. Probably exaggerated specs. No indication of battery type (built-in, no doubt) or emitter. $21.49 (50% off) after coupon applied. Expires 1 day from now.

Geeeez man…. It’s a $3.19 extension cord. I agree that alone does not make it a ‘good deal’ and I would not use this type ext cord in the rain, but its strange that everyone that actually bought it (unlike you) and took the time to review it thought it was a good buy. You might want to read what folks said that actually purchased it before calling it a POS. C’mon man, spend the $3.19 and THEN tell us what you think ……. Im guessing you simply have a case of ‘cancel culture’ flu and choose to be one of those “the light is bad and the wind is blowing the wrong way” folks.
BTW……. its ‘unavailable’ now, not because it is a POS, but because it keeps selling out as soon as they relist it at that price …… just saying

Yeah, c’mon alright. This has nothin’ to do with me and a case of ‘cancel culture’ BS. I don’t need to buy it. I got plenty of indoor-rated cords.

I wouldn’t have called it a POS for indoor use. Butt when they claim it’s rugged suitable for outdoor use then a royal deceptive POS it is. It’s a fooking innate shock hazard, capeesh? Price here is irrelevant. It could be $.25 and it still wouldn’t be a good buy.

“I would not use this type ext cord in the rain,….”

Oh, so YOU wouldn’t use it. Well that’s great, Mr. Edison, butt not everyone else is necessarily you. Ya know how many people out there don’t know what the fook they’re doing with 120V outdoor electrical and rely on sketchy ‘reviews’? Electrical and outdoors - most don’t have a clue.

Can you without fail predict when it’s gonna rain? Without ya knowing about it beforehand wouldya want your family or plain anyone on your property unsuspectedly operating an obvious indoor-only switch design after it gets rained/submerged/hosed upon? How about barefoot to ground?

Yer promoting a deceptively-advertised dangerous non-outdoor-suitable POS becuz it’s a ‘bargain’. For indoor use only probably ok… Ya might as well go to Dollar Tree and use one of their indoor rated cord extensions and save $2. That’s an even better bargain. I’m done. Cancel culture flu. :laughing: :open_mouth:

but wait…that’s not all……

lots of discounted knives on Amazon.
below is a picture of the one i have.
it is worth ~$80something.
more links to other kinds, too.

@ nottawhackjob
Just to be clear, for $3.19 I never intended or expected to be able to use this in the rain or to plug in a generator, and neither should anyone else with ANY common sense.

Let’s try this…… show me a better ‘indoor’ extension cord at this price AFTER you have purchased it and I will buy it. Heck I cant even drive to Walmart 2 blocks away and sit in my car for that, much less go inside and find a ‘better deal’ that is NOT, as you say, a POS. I simply find it unreasonable for you to ‘bad mouth’ an item that you have not purchased or actually used.

It’s obvious you are mad at the seller(and maybe even me) for their “Designed for rugged indoor & outdoor use” comment but anyone without your common sense will obviously just have to suffer the consequences if they use it in a puddle of water.

It’s just an extension cord to plug a lamp, phone charger, etc into, that’s all and It is much better than any other ’less than $20 indoor ext cords’ I have ever bought and used. I think several here may have purchased this item, maybe they will chime in when theirs arrive.
You said you are ‘done’ …… so am I, so let’s drop it……

This reminds me of the time I noticed a guy at Burger King had a huge fight with the cashier that the large fries put in the bag wasn’t totally filled. “It’s supposed to be brimming over and spilling into the bag, just like it did last time!” :person_facepalming:


There is a local burger place that if you order fries for eat in, it’s full to the brim. Get the same for takeout and it’s always 80% full.

We had a Fat Boys or Fat Guys or something along those lines (chain/franchise) that did the same. I could order fries and make that my entire meal.

Burgers were otherwise good but way way way overcooked, per company policy. I asked… begged… to get a burger less “crispy”, but was told sorry, no can do. Hence the fries only.

Oh, free unshelled peanuts for the taking, too, so I’d load up on them, too. Saved some for the Angry Squirrels, too, so they wouldn’t murder me on my way home.

Mix iron filings with fish food and you will catch them.

Got the Cold Steel Luzon today. Nice knife, flips open well. I wish the pocket clip was on the opposite end, but oh well. It feels heavy in the hand but not bothersome in the pocket. I like it!

Bluetooth headphones for $7

There is one customer review on Amazon, and that person says that they're Mpow headphones.

I don't know if Mpow BH451B are any good (I didn't do any research), but Mpow are generally good.

There’s a pic that says 059 lite.

I think those are the same ones I purchased for a family member, Amazon has purged those pages and the title on my orders is just mpow 60 hours battery

They are nice sounding and light weight, easy to use

Alright, after all the discussion regarding the extension cord, I had to get one. :smiley: I’ll make my own decision, but any cord for $3.19 sounds fair to me.

Dang RC! Got your last Mpows but do I really need more???….at this price…it’s cheaper than Taco Bell. Thanks!

360* rotatable flashlight holster $7.4

Nice … just snagged this holster.
Many Thanks.

We have one of those. Same deal. tons of fries and beyond dry burgers.
Got another joint that will actually cook them so there is some pink inside - or red if you are brave enough and verify you really want it that way.
All the Best,

More holsters. 2 for $12.99 or $13.99. XTAR. Just a regular price.
Have flaps. Don’t have the keen 360 swivel thingy though.