Amazon Special: 18650/3xAAA Tactical Portable LED Flashlight with 5 Modes

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I was alerted to this by a fellow member on the SEP board. I got one yesterday and ordered another this morning. For less than $6 is was a deal.


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FYI, we have a dedicated thread where all Amazon deals can be posted:

Thank you, appreciate the heads up :slight_smile:

Just an FYI, you can buy those for about $2 on ebay. Search xml t6 flashlight.

Thank you. Do you have a link? I took a look and that same type I found for $3.99 without the 18650 sleeve or AAA adapter. Not that big a deal as I have spares on both.

Zoomies can be hit or miss. Most likely miss, but there are a few good ones. Just gotta roll the dice and see…

The included zoomie with a Morpilot multitool was surprisingly nice. Glued out the wazoo so unable to replace anything, but still pretty solid and hefty.

Then again, you can get craplights made out of essentially rolled Al-foil that break when you just look at ’em wrong.

I have a bunch of the inexpensive zoomies around the house. Some Sipik/SK68 clones, some SK98 and some of the other off brand types like in the OP. For the most part they’ve held up very well. They don’t go through ‘hard’ duty but for tossing in the glove compartment or around the house they have been great.

I’ve also had very good success with the Trustfire A8’s and the UF F13’s I got years ago. All of those are still plugin away as go-to house lights.

Still digging my Convoy S2+ lights and just ordered an orange version. Somewhat tempted with that S11…

And EDC either a Nitecore EA11 or EC11 (I have both).

I have a decent supply of 18650 batteries. Need to up my supply of 14500, 16340, 18350 and 26650 a bit. Good supply of AA and AAA rechargeables, mostly Eneloop.

Nothing wrong with this thread being created. That linked thread is just for when someone doesn’t want to create a thread, but does want to alert others to a deal. Or wants to discuss something Amazon.

">Amazon Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

Thank you, good to know.

Wellp, not Amazon, but Illumn has the NexTorch nylon P60 lights for sale. 8bux (’123s) and 15bux (18650 w/ charger), cells included.

One comes with a 6V hotwire bulb, t’other with a 1W LED drop-in.

I already got a couple of each, and they’re pretty nice for low-stress lights.

Nylon’s lightweight, nonconductive (even if scratched), won’t freeze your fingers in cold weather, etc., just watch how much power you’d push through any LED inside.