Amutorch AT40

Edit: I took my ohm meter out and found the problem: batteries too long. Got to order some short unprotected ones :slight_smile:

I got two from Neal’s Gadgets today. Neither function. I’m going to try this fix.

Can anyone suggest where to purchase the items mentioned above?

1. The “omten” (what is this?)
2. Brass button
3. Plastic washer

Any links or descriptions would be very helpful.

Good that you resolved your problem. Unfortunately too long batteries compress too much white plastic washer in the tail which breaks current path.

1. it’s Omten 1288 Small Reverse Clicky Switch
2. I don’t remember where I bought it, maybe intl-outdoor. Anyway, piece of copper wire can be used instead.
3. Plastic washer was included in lighted tailcap bought from led4power.

Thanks a ton!