Andrúil halfway ramping flash mystery

Whew! Thought something wrong with the light. Bugging me all night too :smiley: . But my other lights don’t flash halfwayish? Is that because theyr’re not 7135 based drivers??

Its because its not enabled when compiling the .hex

So only way to enable it is to compile it? No click combo?

No, need new file and flash

Yeah thanks for the 7135 channel switch info. Come to think of it I kinda like channel switch flash. Good to know when the power shifts. I might consider looking into getting the file and flashing now :slight_smile: .

Do you know anyone with that hex already compiled?

Of course what a brilliant idea to add yet another couple extra flashes . It's reminiscent of convoys stupid driver that flashed in low...just obnoxious

LOL… Anduril is a Blinkie UI

I dont use Anduril Ramping, because I dislike the double blink midramp so much.

there is no double blink midramp in Stepped mode

however, the light still blinks at top and bottom of ramp… both in stepped and ramping UI.

not a fan of any Gratuitous Blinkies

and these blinkies cannot be removed from the FWAA. There are no flashing pads to load a custom UI…

excellent video, it clearly shows the switch gets brighter
I dont have that light, but my guess is it is changing when the light switches to FET direct drive, instead of regulated 7135 output.

bottom line is
lower output will always produce longer runtime

since I use rechargeable batteries, I do not prioritize prolonging battery life, by using less light than I want to.

I strongly dislike the way Anduril creates a visual warning when the FET is enabled… It creates a tendency to try to ramp down and up as close as possible to the Useless Warning.

and ps to the OP… the spelling is Anduril… not Andruil

I think that question is better answered by one of the ET guys. In general I would guess the regulated operation would be more efficient but battery level and emitter and output level come into play.

The current regulated output of a 7135 still burns excess voltage if I’m not mistaken. Not sure if that is more efficient than a FET, but it keeps constant output in terms of light.

Blink at ramp middle can be disabled at compile time. Long time ago I made a patch that added a short delay at the blink so that you can reach the threshold exactly. With the global config menu we can think about making this a runtime option.

The switch brightness indicates the same threshold, but not every flashlight has an illuminated switch.

The 7135 channel is enabled in the FET region as well. Only full FET comes without 7135.

I have a hex file with the blinks removed if you want it I flashed it onto a couple of my lights and it makes a ton of difference the ramp is perfectly smooth with no blinks anywhere

glad you got it working for yourself

thanks for the offer to share a Hex file,
I would accept, but Im lost and confused

I would not know how to go about reflashing my FWAA…
(my only Anduril light)

Well if you’re anywhere in the Bay area I’d be willing to meet up with you and do it. I just remember not too long ago when I first wanted to start reflashing lights and dealing with hex files I didn’t know anyone that could have helped me and it was really frustrating and so now that I have a tiny bit more information and the tools to reflash I’m more than willing to help people

thats very kind
Im 1000 miles away…

is there a how to video on reflashing a FWAA?

Basically the same as the normal FW3A: desolder MCPCB, remove driver, attach SOIC clip to MCU, use avrdude on a PC or zflasher on Android to update the firmware, then assemble and solder everything back together.

I have iMac and iPhone, have not found any FWAA flashing videos

there seems to be a mystery about what firmware the FWAA uses

Yes it was put in intentionally to give people more information. Information is a good thing.

Yes - the main LED blinks and the switch LED is low on the the low channel, high on the high channel -- not sure how it works on 3 channels lights.

That's a great idea btw! To pause, allowing us to stop at the most efficient setting available with no PWM, but still get full smooth ramping. I like it!! But yes, some will find it even more annoying...