Anduril 2 Flashlights so far....?

It would be great to flag which lights are reasonably easy to reflash and which are not. Emisars (at least some of them) have a USB dongle but I gather that some other lights require unsoldering the led to get at the MCU. I want to be sure my light always has the latest security patches ;-).

All of our lights can be reflashed by the reflashing kits except D18.

I flashed a couple of K1's with my own tweaked Anduril 2 for example - it's great having this option without dis-assembling anything.

Are there any current or upcoming right-angle/headlamp style lights with Andy 2 in em?

Some Lumintop HL3A headlamps have Anduril 2 pre-installed…

Thanks. I did look those up a month or so ago, but unfortunately all the stores available to me which carry it only stock the older versions. Once I start looking to other stores further away, the added shipping cost starts to make it less attractive an option. I do have my eye open though, if anything pops up.

Is anyone aware of an updated list of Anduril 2 lights being maintained anywhere? I am really hooked and don’t want anything else.

Have you had a look at PRODUCTS

Aside from the Emisar/Noctigon flashlights, most of which are probably already running Anduril 2.

Sofirn is in the process of updating their Anduril lights, I know these models at least already have Anduril 2 versions:
Sofirn Q8 Pro, SP36 BLF Anduril, SC31 Pro, BLF LT1 lantern (IF25A probably also getting Anduirl 2)
Wurkkos TS21 (not sure about the TS30S if it’s been updated to Anduril 2 yet or not)
Astrolux EC06

Can anyone help with a simple guide on importing Anduril code into Microchip Studio - want to rebuild for BLF Q8.

sp10 pro is released with andy 2

at least amazon shows it


Wurkkos TS10

Wurkkos TS21