Anduril headlamp?

There’s not a lot of Anduril headlamps. I see Lumintop HL3A and Astrolux HL01 fit into that category. I’m leaning towards the Astrolux HL01, because it has in-body USB-C charging. I wish the button placement wasn’t on the end (I have an ArmyTek and Skilhunt, and I like being able to hit the button without reaching across the length of the light).

The Astrolux is $45, and comes with a 18650 tube as well as a shorty. The neutral is a SST20, which is was a samsung LED like my Skilhunt.

The feature I want most from an Anduril headlamp is ramp up and down. Not being able to ramp down (having to turn it off first or go all the way around) is kind of a pain.

Any advice/opinions on 18650 headlamps that can ramp up and down?

The old Boruit RJ02 did that. Maybe one of the D-series does, too. (Forgot offhand.)

Problem is that Andy is more of an operating system than a UI. Some schmo is going to try battery-check and get stuck in candle- or lightning mode, or worse, flip some switch he has no idea how to unflip (eg, manual memory, stepped ramp, etc.) or even what the “unexpected bahavior” happens to be.

Narsim is probably a better choice for a headlamp that doesn’t need most of Andy’s feature-set.

No complaints from my Q8s or GTmicros, and they’re not even headlamps.

Don’t know which Armytek you have but on the Tiara pro and wizard pro two clicks from the Turbo modes brings you to the last used medium mode, and two clicks from The medium modes brings you to the last used Firefly mode. So you don’t have to shut it off to go down.

+1 for the AT pro multilights. Even better than Narsil since you can ramp/switch down without going up first. They are three-mode lights when operated with double and triple clicks.

I just finished going down the same rabbit hole. Picked up the Fireflies PL47G2 as my main light and a couple of Convoy H1’s that I modded with the help of G-Chart and his sweet dropin mcu’s.
Zebralights are all collecting dust now.

Let me help you get rid of those Zebralights…

Haha, Did you see Thier latest marketing gimmick? Better buy some lights now cause we are going to stop shipping to Canada Jan 1st? I have been a zebra light fan boy for 10 years. Way to support your long term customers Zebralight. Good riddance.

I checked. Shipping to Canada is $33. Yeah. I’ll pass.

I have the Wizard Pro. The double click works pretty well…but my particular unit seems to be picky on timing of the double click. I guess I’m preferring the Anduril to the AT’s double click. Easier to clickhold with gloves on, doesn’t require finger agility.