Any discount codes for CN Quality Goods?

Well thank you everyone for their Input about helping me out helping me and my friend decide on big thrower, he finally decided on a BTU Shocker with the dry driver and XML2-U2’1D so to help curve the cost I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was a discount code and if anyone also new what this light runs on high, not turbo.thanks all.

According to Slewflash high runs at 2.2A
According to _the_ high runs at 1.8A

Slewflash does post overall larger current draws.

Both are pretty consistent wth the CXNQG product page.

Doesn't really matter in the end. You'll almost always end up replacing with noctigons, dedoming and at 6.8A per emitter.

He was already talking about mods for this one , and what could he do up out put lol

Is Ric even around anymore? He doesn’t seem to be answering/following through with what he’s been msged/said.