Any good 16340 Hosts?

The new Sofirn SC21 will be slightly more expensive but a whole different beast.

Maybe even a S1R competitor.

That looks very interesting and the price is reasonable. Thumb size and egg weight is a good decision.

I wish sofirn would go with Anduril 2 or at least make some tweaks for the ramping firmware to move slower for the lower output and faster for higher output.

Dunno if these were the ones, but someone here was all gaga over these or similar ones. 3bux a pop, go crazy…

Ain’t got any, so dunno from any firsthand experience with ’em.

I think I’d need to know first if egg weight is extra-large or jumbo or small or what. I’m not quite sold on it.

Platypus, chicken, or hen?

Very cool. I’m tempted, but for just 11mm extra length, 5mm extra width, and few meager grams of weight…

More output, better runtime (1200mAh 18350), Anduril…the only thing it’s missing is a sweet deep carry reversible clip like that SC21.

I’ll probably snag one anyway because “Sofirn”, and the price is crazy reasonable. TBH, I haven’t been disappointed in one Sofirn product I’ve purchased, and if I was compelled to go down another li-ion cell size rabbit hole, that might trigger it.

…sorry….and no freeloading…maybe this a possibility?

Thrunite BSS bundle

It’s cute but I think, between my D25C TI, S1 (original), and V10R Ti+, I’m probably done with 16340s. I’d need a real compelling reason to carry something else in the size class.

Chicken! lmao


Yeah, that’s not gonna land…

That thrunite deal ain’t bad. That little headlamp is a handy dandy

The Thrunite/Wowtac W1 lights are good budget lights.
I like the driver and UI, but they do need a LED swap.

The bezel is glued but I’ve been able to remove it with some heat and grippy gloves.
Now I need to decide which LED.

I also like the headlights in that bundle linked above. They also need a LED swap. I haven’t opened one of those yet, but I will.