Any good zoomie flashlights spotted on BF sale so far?

Any good zoomie flashlights spotted on BF sale so far? International orders :slight_smile:
I was looking to get a Haikelite HT35 XHP35 HD or a JAXMAN Z1 at a smaller price … but so far none are on sale.
Other options I should consider in the 40-50$ range?

I want to buy this: Falcon F15 — Online store — YLP light

But no BF sale sadly, although maybe not unsurprisingly.

Thanks for the heads-up regarding the Falcon. fnksb has a 10% code here

S11C kit (light+cell+cable, onboard usb charging) w/ a ’351, only 17bux here on us-amazon. Might be a similar sale on the sofirn site.

Sofirn is out of stock (for the light only) at $10 and Barry says at least a month.

Some were getting this kit deal for $13fiddey’ yesterday with Amazon Prime. But it’s not listed as an S11c, and it’s sold by the 77outdoor team (still Sofirn, but a different store name on Amazon is all). I think I saw you reviewed it LB??? (I did).

Here is the link

Used INDOORS… I LOVE this light. It is my new ENC (Every Night Carry) :wink: and lives on my bedstand- replaced the SP10a/b/s (whatever) I had there a few years. LOVE the click/hold moon and double click turbo (just like Anduril has on many of my other lights).

Yeh, and thanx for reminding me, as I gotta lube those threads, ’cause they’re driving me batty. :laughing:

Regarding the S11C - The newer batch may have the step-down at 1 minute (rather than the 30 seconds). After much pestering, Barry got the manufacturer (BTW, it’s not Sofirn) to up the throttle time. 2 minutes got too hot. Ideally, I requested a temperature-controlled step-down. Seems it is not possible with the given MCU.

It too has replaced those long-press for OFF lights. In narrow beam (‘zoomed-in’), quite adequate illumination about the house. Wide beam, no throw but great in tight spaces (under the cupboard or bed).

I am fan of On The Road zoomies!
OTR i5 and Z821

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Other than the cool white emitters, the OTR lights have a very nice overall feel and UI. The price does fit into the OP budget.

If you dont mind DIY… I still like my UF-1504.
I got my host, the de-domed XPL HI and driver at mountain electronics because they are local to me. IIRC total price was under $50. You can find these lights at ali and perhaps other www sellers. I have used this light off and on over the years. Too heavy for backpacking but for car camping and night hikes its great.

I’ve been trying to find one of those to use as a host for a while now. I was looking for a cheap option and even bit the bullet to get one a little beyond my budget on aliexpress but they shipped it to some European country and I got a refund :person_facepalming:

Mountain also has the bigger UF-1405 if you want 2x26650 and buck down from 8.4V. I am pretty sure they ship to canada… might want to email them to confirm though.


Might be able to hook you up with used host, have 1504 for sure and maybe a 1508, will dig through boxes tomorrow.
If I remember correctly they do not have the black ring that goes over LED so you would need to use thermal adhesive or source the ring.