Any ideas for a 1x18650 mechanical clicky host w/ 1cm or larger reflector opening?

I’ve got an Epistar 3v 110mm emitter array on a 20mm MCPCB I’d like to try out, but the dome is so damn large I can’t find a light to put it in. If possible I’d like an OP reflector, decent thermal path, and 17mm(preferred)/20mm driver support. Other single celled host suggestions are appreciated as well, though I would prefer something relatively pocketable.

EDIT: Having done some math, It looks like any reflector capable of completely surrounding an XHP70 (the entire die, not just the dome) should have a minimum diameter of 9.9mm and will probably work, So now I’ve just got to find something that fits that criteria. The closest I’ve got so far is the Convoy M21C and the some variants of the Manta Ray C8.2, both use drivers larger than what I have on hand and run on larger cells, but perhaps that’s the best I can do.

That’s a neat trick! How did they manage to fit a 110mm array on a 20mm MCPCB?

I’m guessing that’s maybe a 10 or 11mm emitter array? Have pics? Single 18650 clicky with a decent thermal path and 17mm driver support screams Convoy S2(/) and perhaps drill out the reflector hole a little bit. The S2(/) only uses a 16mm MCPCB so maybe a Convoy M1 or M2.

I know it’s “only” a 7070 LED, but here’s an example of something like that: XHP-70 in an S2+ - #4 by RotorHead64 - Flashlight Modding and DIY Parts -

It’s a… tight fit?

Sadly I don’t have the tools required to ream out a reflector, but the amount of material removal required to make it fit in an S2+ would be substantial. Most of Simon’s lights (excluding the XHP-70 ones) use the same size of spacer and have openings only 7mm wide. The SMO reflector in the C8+ specifically is 9mm in diameter and the closest I’ve got so far.

Also… that thing has gotta be Angry BlueTM. 7000K - 8000K :open_mouth:

Yup… I’m not expecting it to be particularly nice to use, I just wanna play the output. At 72w, it should put out a reasonable amount of light :stuck_out_tongue:

Howbow a C8 host, drill out the reflector from the bottom, see how the beam looks?

Beam’s too ugly? Screw down the star and stick an aspheric with spacer up-top instead. Make it a semi-flooder.

That’s going to be my last-ditch option right now, but my C8+ is currently being used to host the 9090 2x2 array LED from the same source. Sadly I don’t have the tools to properly ream out a reflector either, not even a hand drill (which wouldn’t be ideal to begin with).

Maybe you could use the same reflector that was used in this build: What did you mod today? - #9167 by g_damian

It should fit most of C8 like hosts.