Any recommended UV P60 drop-ins to detect semen, blood, and urine?

I have developed a need for one.





Not a P60, but this light?

I have a fair P60 one that I picked up from Manafont at one time... It wasn't great for such bodily fluids, but they could be detected. Get a pair of UV-blocking yellow-lensed glasses to wear and it helps a lot.

I would try building my own drop-in now if I wanted a new UV light. Fortunately, I don't have the need for one any longer.

sounds like you had a wild night.

:smiley: I was going to say “Sounds like you are planing an exciting New Years party”.

Here’s a scary thought. Bringing a UV light along the next time you have to stay at a motel or hotel. :Sp

I think I have this one:

I was getting good info from this thread:

I don´t know, how good this is to detect goo & stuff, though…