Anyone have lux readings on these single cell XM-L throwers?

Yep, there are quite a few years worth of data at CPF but unfortunately i do not remember any of such table. For my lights i have a pretty clear idea of the figures. I use them to make comparisons to my readings, that's why i can say that my meter under-reads a bit like 7-10%. There are people who has owned multiple light meters even. I mean the work has already been done. :)

Eg the STL-V6 there are like other 3 guys having average of 45k close up distance, I get that too but i can extend to 50k at a much further distance and is very repeatable. Do we maintain that 38k should be the correct figure?

TK70, I have got like 6-7 readings ranging an average of 85-90k but bro erns get 64k and i can get purposely get it down to 60k. Obviously nobody will believe that it's 60k plus range...either that or something is wrong with the meter.

Hope this helps.

May i mention again that gcbryan has done a lux measurement thread of sorts for lights at various distances for throwers, he was trying to find out the exact mechanism at work. In my house i can only manage shorter distances like i have known 8.17m and 12.5m positions. With these 2 places i get 40k odd. I also do go to the garden to do longer distances measurements. With this i get 50k exactly. Same goes for other lights.

Thanks bro. I'm just trying to understand things since it's been a while since I've even used my lightmeter.

What I don't get is how you are getting higher measurements in lux, the further out you go. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Thanks man..

here's what I'm getting with my Amprobe LM-631 meter:

Trustfire X9 with NANJG 105C driver – 1640 lux @ 5m – calc 41000 lux

Ultrafire 980L w/ T4 neutral and NANJG 105C driver – 605 lux @ 5m – calc to 15125 lux @ 1m

Some others:

Ultrafire MCU-C88 w/ T6 neutral XM-L, NANJG 105C driver and 26650 – 700 lux @ 5m – cal to 17500 lux @ 1m

Stock MCU-C88 w/ Eneloops – 1299 lux @ 5m – calc to 32475 lux @ 1m

Trustfire TR-1200 on 2 x 18500 - 1020 lux @ 5m – calc to 25500 lux @ 1m

The stock C88 really is something. I guess 1.5A+ through a EZ900 die XR-E will throw a bit in a good sized reflector. LOL

He's using the inverse square law (of light) to convert everything back to 1 meter. I found that for LED throwers you need to get in the 10-15 meter range. The reading settles down there as does I'm sure the focus.

For instance if you get a reading at 10 meters of 250 lux so 10 squared ( 10*10=100) so 250 lux * 100 would be 25,000 (lux) at 1 meter.

That's what he is referring to. The raw numbers don't go up with distance but when converted back to 1 meter it's more accurate than simply standing 1 meter away from the light with a light meter and measuring.

There's a certain learning curve involved with taking decent lux readings with a meter or you will get numbers all over the place.

Thank you very much for that info bryan. Time to take some more measurements to see what I get!

Good timing on this thread too... I have just purchased a budget light meter from ebay and am looking forward to checking my light's lux measurements. I'm really curious what my aspheric Mag Mod can do...

I like to quantify my hobbies... Tongue out

Ok, i always measure less lux, than other people......then maybe my modded STL-V6(1x18650) has over 60k Lux.

Best Thrower, i ever measured is a Lumapower(1x18650) with XML and Turbohead: 56000 lux @ 1m.

This one? :) That's the head?

Hahaha...just look at that! So cute. Let's rub it and get some wishes.

Yes, this one, but with 1x18650, XML, 3,5A driver and UCLp Lens.

It´s brighter AND shorter, than my STL-V6 mod.

How much that would cost?

Anyone tested the Solarforce masterpiece pro 1 with XM-L?

It´s not really a budget light...

You need:

-Lumapower D-Mini

-Lumapower Turboforce Head

-Lumapower D-65 Battery tube


-modded NANJG 105C driver

-modded UCLp Lens

(dimensions of the Turboforce reflector: 60mm x 60mm ! )

Solarforce Masterpiece is less bright ;)

"Hahaha...just look at that! So cute. Let's rub it and get some wishes."

You'd better display it on a CRT screen, fishmaniac.

An LCD may not take all that rubbing very well... Wink

Now i have a better Thrower: ~82000 Lux

Trustfire X7/T8 with XML:

Ok, it´s a complete mod, but i think same Lux are possible with only chanche of LED+Lens.(and some little modding) ;)

from 3.17m

"lumapower" C8 clone XM-L 3.5A ~ 25000 lux @1m

tr-1200 ~ 27000 lux @1m

C8 + xr-e 1.5A ~ 31000 lux @1m

3.17m is a pretty short distance, especially for throwers. They may not have the space to achieve final focusing efficiency.

I've set up a range of 8.00m. Some members would get farther still. Beams included for 4 XM-L Lights

for these lights quite enough, earlier I measured from greater distance (10m), and got the same values

I'd like to point to this thread.