Anyone have this Skyray 3x XM-L?

Anyone have this Skyray 3x XM-L light? I’m looking to buy one but can’t find any reviews on it. Looks solid, but just never know.

Good triple light. Solid build, but quite a bit under driven.

From the early days, when Foy was here.


I got mine a while back

Thanks for the links! Foy’s review was very nice. How do you like the light? Is it worth getting for $30?

I also considered getting this Roche , but it’s only got 1 XM-L2, which would have to be driven pretty hard to reach the 900 lumens, right? But it’s also $10 less….

Any advice?

30$ for one breathtaking lamp?

Also the Roche LS-01 is a good light and a perfect MT-G2 host.
But if you prefer 26650 -> Yezl
With coupon only 24,99$ + 2,99$ for the extension tube if wanted:

I have the Yezl with the ext. tube and I have to say… great light. The size is just perfect and the built quality very good.

Or maybe a King/Kung? I like those, because they are thick and short.

I owned this Skyray for a while. It is a good flooder, well built, feels like a self-defense weapon (long and heavy). The reason I sold it - it was under driven and the reflector was low quality.

I would strongly advise against that Roche. I have a unique fire version that looks to be a direct copy except the logo. Very, very poorly built light with an under driven led and cheap ano. Edit: They may be different based on L4’s comment, but it looks to have the same issues based on the pictures in the listing.

The output will be very different compared to the skyray. With the larger reflector and single led it will be a thrower instead of a flooder.

I’d probably get something a bit more amped up for 30. I would get it for 10. Underdriven, but well built. If it didn’t have blinkies and faster PWM than I would like it more. Works with 1 cell or 2, the tube is 2 pieces.

Unknown, I was trying to find the Uniquefire light that you’re talking about but I can’t. Do you have a link? From what I’ve heard, Roche makes some pretty solid budget lights, so that’s why I’m considering it. Comparable maybe even to Convoy. I do wish they told you what kind of driver they use so you know how hard it’s driven.

I have it, and i love it, BUT
if you want a lot of light - new driver will be needed, This will do.
Cooling is biggest problem - most lights are fake, body is well but cooling is HUDGE problem, must get something like This . I build mine from CPU cooler…

Reflector is low quality, but will do great unless you “over-clean” it /it gets the reflective layer off/.

So around 30 USD for the light /get the 4 XM-l version, KUNG M4 if possible/, 17 USD driver and lets say 15 USD pill - total is about 65 USD

I Love my skyray, did the driver and cooling on my own /didn’t find one at the time/, but unmoded one is no good!!!
Get it, then take it apart and see what is good, you may get the threaded pill, witch is great!
If you want to get it ready to go… get something else, but the final result of that one is a beast.

I also wanted buy 1 low cost sky ray 3x from ebay
wich better in general normal version or king?
first off I’m interest it will be use with only 1x or 2x 18650 battery instead 4x
does is possible?