Anyone seen the new RovyVon keychain flashlights?

I’ve been using the Aurora A8 for about a year now & appreciate the very small size. My only gripes with it are the very small battery (which means limited runtime) and some visible PWM in lower modes. It’s otherwise a terrific little light.

RovyVon has introduced a successor to the A8 — the A9. It’s not having a translucent body, but builds upon the A series design with an improved switch, increased brightness, and a larger battery. The A9 doubles the A8 battery capacity. There’s also a larger A28 model that looks like an enlarged A8, minus the colored side strobes. It features a much larger battery—600mAh—so it’s also not really a keychain light due to the increased size.

For some, the lack of a user replaceable battery has been a deterrent, but now the A29 made of brass features a removable 600mAh battery. Of course, it’s a proprietary battery, but at least it can be replaced if the current one ever fails or falls below acceptable performance.

There’s some minimal discussion here:

Thanks, Agro. Somehow I didn’t spot that one in the search results. I’ve responded there.

I just ordered the A28 from RovyVon. Don’t know how long it’ll take to get here from China, but I did use the DHL option which is the fastest to the states that they have. I’ll let you know my thoughts once it arrives