Are the SunLike Bulbs the real deal?


try to force me :money_mouth_face:

For this moment I still alone…

I am trying to teach helper to create bulbs like I do, I hope he will, but it is 4th worker…

And it is so much time to teach the worker… :person_facepalming:

Waveform is solid too, but for about the same price Sunlike excels in quality and has many more options.

What? My bulbs is the same price with cheap mass USA bulbs with good spectrum leds??

No way…

Try StarLike! (200$ per bulb)

A lot of your more smaller/more common size format products are very similarly priced to what off the shelf brands here offer with decent (only decent, not great) CRI/quality/spectrum/etc., that’s why yours with better performance are such a great value IMO! :+1:

Never got a chance to mention, thanks for including a 2x bulb “splitter” in my order, very fun for comparing different bulbs side-by-side.


Suddenly I felt less interested in waiting for StarLike. :wink:

There are complaints about waveform durability in Review: Waveform Lighting A19 Centric Home/Daylight E27 bulbs (2700K, 4000K, 5000K). So I wouldn’t call it solid.

Yes, e27 splitter is cheap, but good thing. It is some kind of my marketing. Because it is easy way to do twice brighter. But it is if you have 2 bulbs.


Really expensive leds =(



Thanks for showing that. At least we know what to expect. This has really made me uninterested in waiting because:

  • I could afford an expensive bulb for 1 project (though $200 might be too much anyway) - but that one will have a lens, so 2835 are useless there
  • I got an impression that Starlike was meant to have a superb light quality. These LEDs have extremely wide spectrum but CRI80 is not something I look for in your bulbs.

ADDED: Oh, I see that your spectrum measurements show something very different from the Yuji ones…


And StarLike will be about ~50lm/watt (SunLike is ~100lm/watt)

So, 200$ per bulb, but flux like SunLike 8 (21$)

I see there’s a series of LEDs from Smart Eco Lightning that also features broadband spectrum, together with much higher CRI than the Yujis, at least on paper:

Maybe it would be better and cheaper than Starlike? :wink:

I think StarLike is only useful for things like exotic birds …
UV and IR are not desireable in most use cases, the extra uv and ir will accelerate color degradation of objects and especially integrity of plastics

I understand the concerns around UV, but IR and NIR are often beneficial aren’t they?

I’d love to have the Sunlike from 450nm on down, and these euroLighting LEDs above 450nm for my home lighting.

Only benefits plants,fish or reptiles … you can’t see it.

About Sunlike’s bulbs, they are the best, but the long wait + long shipping are stressful (expect at least two months to get to you lol)

I would pay the extra for CoB though, rather than the new mass ones that are cheap. Much easier repair (F* reflow), and less likely to have issues.
The Seoul CoBs are very cheap in America, but digi key stock is low

no led is gonna come close to sun, cuz sunlight has pretty much full spectrum in it, leds, otoh, have very narrow.

long time ago before leds, i had florescent bulbs in my office, iirc they had similar name, sunlight or something, they were 6250k,
when i’d leave the door open, from the outside it looked like as if the office had large windows, and it was bright and sunny day, you would never think it was an artificial lighting, iirc i ordered those bulbs from McMaster carr and they were made in germany

Here, in Russia, we have a more or less cheap brand who orders lamp design from China and Sunlike-diodes from Korea and puts it together:
12W 4100K costs about 10$

Reviews on Russian:

In terms of spectrum and light/CRI quality it is indeed fantastic to look at:

Zero blue peaks at all! The build quality is a bit terrible tho, very light radiator but then what else can you expect from a China-based manufacturer and very low quality standards in Russia (which are dictated by poor market/economy)

Remez is shit, bad caps bad efficiency bad heatsinking. Adam of sunlikelamp tested them at 6k hour life and refuse to sell them any more. You probably get 25-50k hours out of his if you buy the more expensive CoB versions from him. Wouldn’t bother with the cheap reflow ones, a few of the individual leds died in me, maybe not stress relieved from however he reflowed them… but the cob ones are still going strong and much easier to repair by hand

Diode and light quality wise? No it isnt.
Here is the glowing review:

And it blows the eff out of the competitor who lost on all ground except his massive heatsink:

Sure, it is not stellar, but there are no alternatives at the same price, especially in Russia, for example, where people dont have buying capacity as much as you, people in EU.

You mean the same guy, who 1-2 years ago tried (but failed) to “monopolize” the “sunlike market” and to whom Remez production is basically a death sentence on the post-soviet marketspace? Yeah, no shit, if I was him in such business I would shit on it too, regardless if it was bad or good.

I’m not buying it for the lifespan of the product, I’m buying for the quality of the light.
Okay, you like math, lets do math - how many bulbs you would pick as top quality sun-alike spectrum for your home, for the environment where you need best light? 5 on average? Say Remez will serve 1 years max, that means, you have to pay 5x7$ each year on worst case to swap.

Do you know how much it costs to cure progressing macular dystrophy after the blue peak had its way with your retina? There is no price because cure does not exist and wont for many-many generations. Eyesight and eye diseases is one of the medical fields where humankind barely knows anything.

And before you come screaming strawman - no, there is none, that was my argument from the ground up - you 50$ a years is a very good compromise for keeping your eyes as long as possible. Especially if you are in the risk group (severe myopia, hereditary myopia and god forbid progressing myopia)

Stanislav, it is disgusting =)

s. only 2200h or 93 days (best one, 2pcs bulbs) time of life of the remez bulbs =) NOT 6k! lol =)

yes, (27$ vs 9$) + shipping, it is 5 times :smiley:

yes, much more leds (crystals), much better pcb, good and completely upgraded led driver, and quality manual assembly it is “except his massive heatsink” :person_facepalming: (RU)

pps. It is the reason why I do not use RU forums. It is “toxic”


If you found time to test that, may be you will find time to test and explain to use why your “sunlike lamps” that are 5x more expensive for some reason worse by margin when it comes to the rest of qualities. Obviously, you wouldnt be putting china fakes and calling them korean sunlike diodes… right? it just really weird question that pops up in my head after reading objective data (right here, on this very review section!) and there seems to be no answer to that.

When people call you out on umcofortable subject you keep avoiding and trying to hide it is not “toxic”. You use this term to blanket-distance yourself when you are in a corner. “I dont owe you any answers, you are a toxic person!”. That’s true, you own me nothing, but so do I.

P.S. Note that I wasnt the one who started to throw personal remarks and ad homines.