Are these XP-G2s fake?

Just got some XP-G2s in the post, but I think they are fake. What do you think?

Looks real to me with that diagonal grid of dots.

The + sign is not where XP-G2 have it, it is dead in the center for XP-G2.

Dang, you’re right!

(but where did the picture go?)

The more I look into it, the more I think they might be genuine. The silver area just looked a little smooth compared with other examples and the bond wires looked too close to the edge.

@Hikelite well spotted. They where only $8.54 for 10, on AliExpress. Lets see if I can get a refund.

I think the internet is broken. First photobucket wouldn’t let me upload a new photo, so I used dropbox. Now I can’t even log into dropbox. Hopefully the picture will be back soon.

The picture is back.

The dome is rather small too.
Just took a look at some XP-G2 here and the dome is bigger on mine.

The photo is not there now….

…and it’s back again…

…and gone… lol

But i downloaded it and uploaded it to TinyPic:

You can use that link in OP maybe.


Compared to pictures from Cree changed production process for XP-G2 emitters! , your emmiter really looks like fake.
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The dome seems to small for me
I believe it’s fake