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Armytek Store

Armytek does everything possible to indicate they are a Canadian manufacturer including stating ” Canadian manufacturer ” on their website!
They have a number of accounts in any single forum( with fake names) to defend against ppl complaining!
The things this company does is atrocious!
I have no problem buying Chinese made goods but I hate being deceived, [redacted by admin]

It is Offers and Promotion thread. All discussions - in general one.

Dads spoilt us, day after day. Now it’s our turn.

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For the record, Davem has been banned, not for expressing his opinion against Armytek, but rather for trying to stir up fights and being rude to BLF members. His original complaint about Armytek will remain in this thread, up until the point where he started insulting other users here.

You are right, according to the forum rules a member will be banned because of rude behavior.

Friends, you have only one day to make an order with 15-% discount!

Only from 11 to 16 of June

15% of discount on any order – make a perfect present for your father!

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for some reason when I place an item in my cart the summer discount is applied but my one time social discount is not also i see no place to enter the bl forums discount in the cart or checkout…? any ideas

Other promo codes and discounts can not be applied to the products under the current promotion.

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Hahaha that’s my country’s $2 note

It is a nice coincidence.

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I have bought plenty of lights recently, especially headlamps, but if there comes something for headlamps like this one for those 3 lights, Im all in :D!