Astrolux HL01 1200Lumen magnetic angle/headlight groupbuy

you could probably PM toykeeper, or tag her (if thats possible, idk how)

I tested out mine this morning. I had some work to do in the basement assembling some shelves so I wore the HL01 instead of turning on the lights.

After a while it wasn’t too noticeable even though it’s big (I had an 18650 in it). Mine is the 4k SST20 and it’s probably better suited for outdoors since it has a decent amount of throw. It wouldn’t be the best for really close up work but what I was doing it worked fine. I had it ramped to ~300 lumens for the hour or so I used it. The head wasn’t distinguishable from room temp.

I can confirm Minocc, as I brought home the USB C-C cable and not charging via RAVPower RP-PC059 PD port. USB A-C works via the very same wall charger.

I just got mine today and I like it! Less bulky than I had expected and very well built.

Does anyone know if there is a PDF version of the manual available anywhere? I prefer to keep all of my documentation in electronic form where it’s harder for me to misplace it. :-}

Yes mine is shipping too.

See this thread for Anduril manual links and diagrams. Banggood links this manual for the HL01 which is from the MF01.



It’s odd that they have a link to the wrong manual on their site, but I guess Anduril is Andruil. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

as long as it's the same version there should not be a difference.

Mine still hasnt moved since 1-10-20 “Airline Departure”


BG also asked for a photo of my shipping label, fortunately it was still on the top of my trash can. After I sent the photo, they said they were shipping out a replacement. No mention of shipping the one I have back, I assume its not worth their effort.

If it’s worth your effort, I’m sure someone (maybe me) would be willing to buy your defective one for the right price!

I got two e-mails from them, and in the first one they mention the lens only, the second one is about resending, so to be honest I don't know what will I get. They didn't mention to send back the deficient one.

Received mine with XP-L 4000 on the board.
Glass on it’s place. Very nice tint, imho, no greenish. Is anybody know tint bin?
Charger works from USB A - USB C.
Heavy enough, but very handy in 18350 option in hand. Good spot, for concentrating on medium and long distances.
On arrive temp showed 33 degree in real 17, so calibration strongly neccessary. The real lack is that in 7click to change intensity of blue aux leds, we have a blink after first click, and if you shutdown flashlight on high - it would be bloody in darkness.
The real update in software should take this in account and start a flashlight every time in moonlight, at least first nano seconds, to avoid such blinks in many click configurations.

Any info about tint bin and cri in XP-L of this flashlight wanted :slight_smile:
Tint bin on package is 5A

Got mine. XP-L 5000K. I didn’t like the shade of light, it gives out greenery. But there are also positive points. Easy to disassemble. There will be free time I will change the LED to Samsung 351D.

Look like the 18350 tube is too short, my flat top vapcell 18350 1100mah dented when tail cap tightened.

got mine yesterday (stonewashed) - yes, the 18350 tube is too short!

short like, rendering it unusable?

As I already posted before, same here, 18350 tube is too short. And yes, it is unusable with my collection of 18350 batteries (Sofirn, Keepower and Thrunite).

thx mergundus

i wonder if M4D M4X can do something about this, like some compensation :wink:

100 banggood points!