✌ ASTROLUX K2 300lm Keychain USB-C Flashlight


Interested in 1 maybe 2

BTW, I know this is slightly offtopic, I hope you don’t mind freeme, but was there discussion of the JetBeam branded clone on BLF already?

I would feel sad about it but I’ve had horrific luck with my RovyVon flashlights. I’ve had 3 of them and 2 have lasted only a couple months before they stopped charging. I did get one swapped out under warranty but the replacement similarly failed. I could swap them out again but in the end due to their unreliability I’ve just stopped using them altogether.

To be fair, I don’t know if the clones are any better. I just picked up a jetbeam as a replacement and I’ll see how it lasts. Hopefully it’s not just an issue inherent to these tiny batteries.

Unheard of. Probably it is the shell is full aluminum?

Nitecore already developed a "clone" back in 2020.

I suspect so. All my 10180 batteries have pretty short lifespan.

218 posts: [ACTIVE again] jetbeam Mini ONE


Suggested price published.

The price looks good to me. I’m still curious about UI details.

Short disco modes demo shared by manufacturer.

Clear/translucent GITD model.

Interested 2 units


The price is very reasonable.

I'm not interested, yet, but I do like the price.

(I'll wait for more details first.)

Interested in at least 1, maybe 2



I’m in for GITD

Interested in 1