Attachment to use standard torch as a lantern?

So basically are there little reflector dishes/lamp shade style attachments that direct all the light down and sideways so a straight format torch can be used as a bedside lamp, or desk light?

I know about diffusers but they seem wasteful directing light up and away to areas I don’t need it.

Edit: I have a mini tripod and clip on the way so I can hold and angle one as a work light, but I’m thinking about something less intrusive and more mellowing for bedside use.


Stick an plastic tupperware lid on a diffuser. Keeps the direct light out of your eyes.

Yogurt Lantern: The Yogurt Lantern

Aussiemandias, I think that a diffuser and a shade of some sort should work, although you are always going to lose some light diffusing/redirecting it.

SammysHP, very nice work on your Yogurt Lantern! I really like the reflective foil idea. I have been experimenting with something similar with ordinary Al foil for some of the lantern kits (base/diffuser) that I have been 3D printing lately, but the adhesive foil is a great idea!

Great ideas all!!

I’ve been looking for a small reflective dish or very small concave mirror but they would have weight issues/stability on a typical 18650 light. A small rounded plastic lid with foil would work well, I think.

One thought I had was a bike handle clamp to attach around the torch, then either wire or pipe cleaners as struts to attach to a reflective top. But then I wondered if somebody had already built/sold something a bit more permanent and elegant.

If I can turn my 2000k D4V2 into a bedside light, it’s game over. :smiley:

Wellp, what you could do is get one of those standard diffusers, and one of those stick-on convex mirrors, and stick that on the closed end of the diffuser. Cheap’n’easy, but it’d have a lousy distribution pattern.

What you really want instead is the exact opposite, a pointy concave mirror instead. Picture a cone but with the sides sucked in. You might’ve seen them on solar lanterns and the like.

Not sure a mirror is a good thing. A thick cream colored plastic lid allows some light out the top, just like a lamp shade. Most of the light is still reflected down if the lid is light colored.