authentic skyray king versions

Hello all, i’ve been lurking for several weeks reading up on which lights I want to purchase. I decided to finally join as I have a question about genuine skyray king lights.

I’d like to add one of these lights to my collection, but with so many copies, clones and versions of the ‘king’, i have a question about the possiblity of 2 different versions of authentic skyray king.

I noticed in another thread post #23 that there was a member mentioning that on eBay there is a seller advertising original high output skyray version.

Is it true that there was a high output version of the authentic skyray king?

I noticed there is also a lot of talk about manafonts king mimmick for $43. SKU: 11818

Does anyone know if anyone has a genuine skyray high output original version (if there is even such a thing as an ‘high output version’) that can compare against the manafont fake side by side?

decisions decisions…

The first thing you should understand is that CREE XM-L LEDs aren’t going to be putting out over 1000 lumens in any budget flashlight, pretty much ever. So that puts a hard 3000 lumen cap on something like the Sky Ray King, whether it’s an “original” or not. In reality, a Sky Ray King is going to be pulling somewhere around 7.5 amps which, divided by 3, is around 2.5 amps to each XM-L ignoring losses. At only 2.5 amps, a single XM-L is not going to be putting out anything close to 1000 lumens. It would be about 800 at the most. 800 x 3 = 2400. So in the best case scenario, a Sky Ray King might put out close to 2400 lumens. Probably a bit less.

if the srk is direct drive in high, was there ever a original version that might have had a boost like a turbo mode? I’ve done a ton of reading ‘hours’ about the srk and a few times i did hear about this mysterious high output version. wondering if there was ever such a thing? i messaged the eBay seller and asked why it is advertised as being original high output, and I’m awaiting the reply. this is the only advertised srk that I can find mentioning it is the original high output version. is it snake oil advertising, or something more?

another question, the manafont fake, says •Color BIN: White

anyone know what ‘white’ that is, cool white, natural white, etc…

The bottom line is that it would be absolutely impossible for a Sky Ray King to put out 5000 lumens. The seller is lying his ass off in his listing, so I wouldn’t trust anything he says in his reply to you either.

Here, allow me to give you some additional perspective. Refer to the emitter testing that Match was kind enough to perform and report here: Results: Testing XM-L, MC-E, SST-50, and XP-G emitters **Updated**

Pay attention to the XM-L results.

Now, let’s look at an absurd hypothetical scenario to drive the point home. Imagine that you had a Sky Ray King that was driving each XM-L at an insane 5 amps. What would you get? Still less than 3000 lumens. In fact at 5 amps you get less than you would at 4 amps, because you’d be pushing the emitters so hard that the heat begins to reduce their output. In fact in a flashlight, this would happen well before you hit 5 amps because the heatsinking would be nowhere near as good as what Match set up in his testing. In real world situations, anything over 4 amps would be counterproductive. In fact in a Sky Ray King, with multiple emitters contributing to the heat build-up, things are even worse.

Now that you understand that, it’s also important to understand that once you put an emitter in a flashlight, behind a standard reflector, behind a standard lens, you lose lumens. This is basically because a certain number of photons get absorbed by the various surfaces. All these things conspire to ensure that any Sky Ray King you’re likely to find will be putting out a lot less than 3000 lumens.

EDIT: Oh, and welcome to the forum KPC!

And those are raw emitter lumens. The reflector/lens will gobble up 25-35% of the emitter lumens. I measured my shiny new neutral white SRK at 1700 lumens, quickly dropping to 1500 lumens: Review: SkyRay King - yet another review

The cool white ones may have 20-25% more output than the neutral white ones…

Yeah, I touched on that just above.

I have seen reports of Kings pumping out 2300 or so lumens by people who have an IS though.

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I have a black King with U2’s and my brother has a gold King with T6’s. I’ve tested both several times. The T6 king is usually right at 2400otf at start up and drops to the 2150-2200otf range after 30seconds. My U2 puts out about 2600otf at startup, but the heat drops it quickly down to about 2100otf after about 30 seconds.