Aux led lights

Hi guys,

I’m looking to collect (over time), lights with aux leds. So far I have down some of the Fireflies D07, ROT66 and Emisar D4S. What other lights do you know of and recommend? Thanks!

PS: I’m a noob still.

You’re talking specifically AUX led’s that shine out the front of the optic or button Led’s controlled by the FW as well? I believe lexel has an add on board for the regular D4 and I’d think it should work with any other quad that takes the same optic as well.

Fireflies PL47 has them too.

Maybe you should ask me as those are my designs in those lights

This was the first D4 prototype and the first Aux Board I made

D4, MF01 is also possible, I got already after first designs improved designs ready to make in small quantities and custom colors on request

I have also a new boards to get the voltage color change fitted to sideswitches

Pretty much any light can be modded including reflector lights
D1 as example

Mainly the top. While I like the lighted switch, those are more common imo. Thanks for the board tips!

Super cool. I’ll definitely have to check out your vids and link. I’d love to add that to my D4 (once it gets here).

Is that is for the aux light (forward facing leds) that are part of the production models? I was hoping for a larger collection. If so, I’ll definitely be learning to mod. :slight_smile: