[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

Well yes, but for more than double the original selling price. :disappointed:

Actually sofirn change SP10 V2 to SP10S by using LH351D 5000K 90CRI, and same UI.

If you like a BLF version, I think use Anduril UI is cool. But it needs Toykeeper’s help and a interest list. :smiley:

Anduril, AA, count me in! 14500 only, meh.

Gizeh Magnets fit? Awesome. I harvest those whenever I find an empty pack. Was too lazy to research which magnet might fit the c01. This is perfect. Just wait and they will come to you for free.

Oh yeah. I will take three or four of these. AA/14500 SP10v2 with Anduril. Yeah. Perfect
Please make some other colors than red and blue. And make one with clear anodizing or in stainless steel please :slight_smile:

Look at the Astrolux A01, they have a pretty green, orange, purple, a nice grey…

Barry, guys….can we please move the discussion about SP10S and Andúril to the general Sofirn thread, see link below? I try to collate all the information into the corresponding thread about new lights whereas this thread should be about the C01 only. :wink:

Thanks a lot for your understanding.

This is great news, need more flashlight models with emitters LH351D !!! I think many will be interested in the LH351D 4000K 90CRI and maybe even 3000K. Good to have a choice. I use TIR - optics in my Sofirn SP10b, maybe a Sofirn will also sell such an option?

I’m so sad. I have a few of the original black ones in 3200K and love them. This is the perfect little light for so many things! So I ordered a bunch of the blue and red ones. They’ve been stuck in transit somewhere in China since February. It looks like I’ll be getting a refund but I was really hoping to get the lights. Did I miss out?

@Barry or anyone from Sofirn

Is there any chance that we will get more 3200K C01 some day ?

I understand Sofirn doesn't have any 5mm Yuji 3200K leds left and that even Yuji shop is out of stock on these ones but maybe it's possible to have a C01.v2 with an other led like the Yuji smd version ?

I already have a C01S but don't like it as much.

Finally getting around to posting some pics and thoughts...

Lovely little retro lights. Well made, high CRI and with nice tint.

I really like the 3200K warm white C01, especially at night when my eyes are adjusted to warm white indoor lighting. The tint is nicer than a warm white high CRI SST-20 (HB4 bin) and significantly nicer than a warm white 90CRI XP-G2 (unknown bin, inside my DQG Tiny AA II). Not sure how the tint compares to a warm white Nichia as I currently don't have a light with such a LED at hand.

The tint of the 5600K C01 is very similar to a 219BT-V1 sw57 R9050 (the sw57 seems just a touch more pleasant to my eyes).

I think the C01 has a certain nostalgic charm to it :LOVE: .

I completely agree about the nostalgic charm. The look of the open metallic cone and the wonderful color of the 3200K reminds me of certain incandescent lights I remember from the 1970s and 80s. Meanwhile, the smooth turning of the head reminds me of analog control knobs from the same time period. It might seem silly to get this excited about a ~$10 Chinese flashlight, but the little C01 brings me a lot of happiness. I’m sad that I didn’t get more of them.

I wish I had a warmer Nichia for comparison. The warmest I’ve got is a Massdrop Brass AAA Pocket Flashlight with 219B. It doesn’t list a color temperature but I think someone here tested it around 4200-4300K. It’s very pretty but at night, I think I prefer the color of the Yuji at 3200K.

I’m not holding my breath but I would love to see Sofirn make more of these! Especially the 3200k variant.

How does this light stack up against iTP A3 EOS?

Just making sure, but are you referring to the original C01 or C01*S*?

If it’s the C01 they are completely different lights; this is very low output, long runtime, ultra high CRI, and has magnet / trit slots.

If it’s the C01S (There’s a different thread for that specific light) it’s somewhat comparable. They are both high output twisties, but the olight is very cool white and the C01S is 4000k (warm neutral) and very high CRI. The olight has more modes, the C01S has magnet & trit slots. The C01S is probably throwier due to the very narrow optic Vs floodier reflector of the Olight. Battery life will be very similar on high.

I’d choose the C01S unless you value a true moonlight mode.

It is much dimmer because only 7 lumen and very floody.
But the C01S version with SST-20 led and TIR optic is much more comparable to the ITP A3. Mainly it has a more modern led with a nice high CRI tint. But the difference is not night and day.

Yeah I was talking about the C01S. Still have a couple of A3 EOS’s. Was just curious about the C01S, if it was as bright cause I had never seen an AAA light that looked as good in the dark as the A3 EOS does. If one did, I would grab it in a second as brighter is always better for my funky old eyes. I only carry an AAA light in my pocket. When I need it in the dark, the brighter it will light what I want to look at, the better I like it.

You may want to pick up a C01S then, it makes a seriously bright hotspot.
And a tip for everyone who likez a bright AAA light: the C01S makes almost 100 lumen on a high CRI SST-20, if you swap the led for a low CRI cool SST-20, I bet you are at 150 lumen.

(the C01S is uncertain with a 10440 btw, a crappy one seems to work, a high drain one kills the driver)

I think I just went ape shit. I ordered 4 AAA lights.

I’ve had two ITP A3 EOS lights for well over 5 years. I guess I just had to introduce some new lights into the mix after all these years to see if any of them give her a go for her money and see what their dark personalities turn out to be.

Got them all and gave them a short ride in the dark. Experiences for each one compared to ITP A3 EOS.

I3E EOS: Smallest of the 4. Even smaller than the A3. Twisty. One mode, no bullshit. Brighter than the A3, about the same spill.

StreamLight Microstream AAA version. Button, one mode. Button is terrible, I have to use two hands one finger on top of the other to turn it on. Turns on ok with boot removed. Dimmest of the 4, a tiny bit less light than A3 but with not as much spill. I’m sending this one back to Amazon for a replacement . Just for the hell of it, tried a 10440 on this and it wouldn’t even turn on. I wish I had waited about 15 minutes longer before I made my decision to send this back, I would have just sent it back for a refund instead. I’m not impressed with this light. I have this feeling I’m going to end up sending the replacement back too.

Sofirn C01S. Twisty, two modes, first mode brightest. Definitely brighter than A3 but not as much spill. Beam color is really on the yellow side compared to the others.

I3T EOS. Beats up the rest but costs the most. Button, two modes, first one the dimmest. Puts out the most light and also has the most spill.

All tests done with AAA eneloop batteries.

If I had to rate these, I would actually choose the I3E EOS in 1st place. Size being the determining factor (smallest size) along with simplicity, and this light packs a punch in light output. Was actually the 2nd brightest of the 4. The I3T EOS is a close 2nd place, definitely puts out the most light of any AAA flashlight I’ve used to date. Sofirn C01S comes in 3rd place. Was a bit disappointed in this light, I don’t regret buying it but I was expecting more from Sofirn. Last place goes to Streamlight Microstream. Nothing really comes to mind on what I liked about it. The 1st and 2nd place lights make my eyebrows go up when I turn them on. The last two, my eyebrows didn’t do anything. The eyebrows never lie.

Thanks for the comparison. I’d say a big part of the appeal of the C01S is to those of us who put a high priority on CRI.

I’d love if Olight updated the I3e with an SST-20 or other high CRI emitter, but I think the emitter they currently use has a different footprint, and a single combined driver+LED board, so they’d have to update the PCB, too.