[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

It sounds like there is a good chance of it, but it is not confirmed yet:

I don’t know how many people still want C01 with this new 5mm HCRI led

The 5mm led has two options 3400K and 5800K. The body color of C01 can be Black, Red, Blue, DesertTan, Green, Orange, Bare-Aluminum

Maybe it can be 5000pcs in total.

I’d be interested in another 3400K, but even more interested in some hosts and drivers if you do another batch.

I would be interested in a couple more 3400K C01 single mode lights.

I’d like a couple of black C01 hosts.

I do not think you can find interest on BLF for another 5000 pieces Barry, it is just way too many, maybe 2000 but not 5000.
But that said, the concept of an unbreakable 1xAAA light with good quality 5mm led for just a few dollars will not easy grow old, they will keep selling for many years, not just via BLF. So a batch of 5000 still sounds good.
I’m in for a couple of desert tan ones in 3400K.

And as a reminder, as said above and in the host thread, it would be nice if a few hundred C01’s will be made as a host: with driver but without led and without potting compound. Is that still a possibility for Sofirn?

I would be in for some of those, my friends have kids that want lights and this is the perfect gift for them to start playing with flashlights!
And I agree with djozz, this is probably a concept of a light that will sell for years, either for “collectors” or “users”!

Fenix has recently ceased production of the E01. It was found in nearly all outdoor shops, maybe Sofirn could step in. HCRI could be marketed as natural light with extremely little power consumption using ubiquitious AAA batteries or something like that. I mean, that’s what it is. Customers just need to know :-).

I didn’t expect 5K interests on BLF, 2000pcs is good enough. And I just hope to bring the cost down. More quantity in one batch, lower cost it will be. Then a better price will be possible.

If the whole light with new 5mm HCRI led is ready to made, host with driver but without led will be possible too. And both No potting. Potting cost too much time to do. I believe it will tough even without potting.

Also, I think offer one tint choice will be better than two tints choices. One tint is easier for fast assembling and keep cost low.

It seems 3400K is a better choice? That will be a great comfortable beam for kids.

i would definitely add a bunch of these to a future order.

wish you would do the sp10s in more colors, love the old sofirn champagne lights :wink:

Apparently Fenix self is the only party that doesn’t regret the demise of the E01. Maybe it was too good. It lasted for ever and ever. But ……… every flashlight nut would buy one for his kids, and later on for his grand kids.

Yes, and I spot one advantage over the C01: There’s an o-ring between reflector compartement and LED. Not sure if it is necessary, but it helps waterproofness when not potted. SWM also had this sealing in the R01A.

Edit: @Barry, 3400K would be nice.

I agree that if one tint is chosen, that the 3400K is probably best. From the old batch, the 3200K sold out earlier than the 5600K, and the warm led sets this light apart better from the millions of ugly cold 5mm-led flashlights still sold everywhere.

Personally I’m fine with no potting in the new batch, my son’s (rough but limited) testing proved that it is pretty unbreakable even without potting. But there are a few potting enthousiasts out there who will argue that it will even be more robust with potting in place. The first batch with Yuji’s is for them then.

On another note, I can confirm from own experience that the warm C01 is perfect for children reading in bed, works very well and they are super-happy with it. :slight_smile:

3400k only is perfect but most important is getting thousands directly to Amazon and make those puppies only available with value pricing in groups such as 2 for $10, 5 for $20, 10 for $35 etc.

They only want one, fine $6.50 etc.
I’d love to be able to buy an entire group of all the colors at once.


I’d spent some more on more C01 if they were hard anodized… natural or olive is my personal fav.

Nice idea of offering a complete set of all available colorsI I certainly would buy a few sets, keep one set for this household and let friends and other people interested choose their favourite colour. And yes, 3400 K please.

3400K would be awesome :wink:
I find me using it more than the 5?00K one! And it would be nicer for kids too!

And, in case it would be possible to get another anodizing colours, I would be opposed to it :wink:
If not, black, red and blue can make me happy :smiley:

Glad to have these news about a “beloved” flashlight! :partying_face:

3400K is the good choice. i Will buy some, when we can see the different colours. Desert tan, natural gray and dark-military Green are perfect looks. Also some hosts for DIY Will be a good choice

I can’t remember, were the new bulbs tested? If so please point me to the thread. Thank you please.