[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

Nice idea of offering a complete set of all available colorsI I certainly would buy a few sets, keep one set for this household and let friends and other people interested choose their favourite colour. And yes, 3400 K please.

3400K would be awesome :wink:
I find me using it more than the 5?00K one! And it would be nicer for kids too!

And, in case it would be possible to get another anodizing colours, I would be opposed to it :wink:
If not, black, red and blue can make me happy :smiley:

Glad to have these news about a “beloved” flashlight! :partying_face:

3400K is the good choice. i Will buy some, when we can see the different colours. Desert tan, natural gray and dark-military Green are perfect looks. Also some hosts for DIY Will be a good choice

I can’t remember, were the new bulbs tested? If so please point me to the thread. Thank you please.

I tested it here, it is a really nice led :slight_smile:

Ah yes, I have seen those, thanks! I didn’t pick one up the first time round but will probably get a couple in various colours.

Odd question but would it be possible / how easy would it be to mod the output lower? I haven’t been following this fully so apologies if it’s been asked before.

pics are links
thanks for the tests
looks great! :slight_smile:

Agreed. I’ve done this, too. It’s easy to illuminate the entire page with the floody beam, the warmth is easy on the eyes, but it’s still neutral enough that blue colors in illustrated books are not compromised, and the overall color rendering is great.

I also regularly use my C01 to check on my kids at night when I don’t have dark adapted eyes. If my eyes are dark adapted, I use a light with moonlight mode, but otherwise the C01 is perfect.

Since I’ve bought multiples in the original C01 run, I won’t need more of the complete version, but I’m on the interest list for a C01 host, and still interested in that possibility.

I'd be interested in an olive /tan and green 3-5 lights .

I’d probably buy some more, especially with new colors like green and desert tan. These are great lights for handing to my kids and the colors with help them know who’s is who’s.

Any update or progress on this?

Hello? tap tap tap …. is this thing on?

With Barry chiming in a week ago about production nrs etc., I assume that this thing is on indeed. :slight_smile:
But when exactly I do not know.

Good news!

I’d be in for a couple more in 3400k

Definitely interested in 3400k. At least one, probably more.

I would be interested in grabbing a bunch of these in all the colors with the 3400k led if they ever start making them again. They would make great gifts and loaners, and I want one in all the cars and rooms of the house. I missed out on the original batch. :frowning: Just ordered a pair of C01R’s and two C01S’s - one orange and one tan. I love AAA lights. They’re so much more likely to be in a pocket when I need one than bigger lights.

rngwn’s LEDs are nice and the second best option for the new C01. But it’s missing the caramel tint of most Yuji LEDs. But tint is varying a little for both types. The best of the rngwn LEDs is extremely close to an average Yuji.

I’m waiting for hosts, but it seems this project has currently no priority. Hope it doesn’t silently die like the BLF SP70.

Top: 2 C01
Bottom: SWM with rngwn’s LED

no chance for tints under 3000k color ?