[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

Fingers crossed, looking for a regulated 5mm light with modes! With or without LEDs (will swap out)

Any other non headlamp options, that aren’t nitecore tube or klarus?


Does anyone know of a AAA (or aa) light for 5mm (yuji or rngwn compatible) regulated with modes? I don’t know what I’m talking about always (ok, often) but I’m going to say also not just dimmed with resistors… want longer runtime

I own a couple of those lights (Gerber, Manker, Sofirn, SWM).
The output is just about enough to get a key into a keyhole without scratching the door.
Don’t know 5mm lights with multiple modes but Sunwayman says the 10 lumen R01A has (quote):
21-hour working time (11-hour sun mode plus 10-hour moon mode).

I think but am not sure that is a step down, not user selectable. That is it works full power for 11hrs then at reduced output for the next 10.
If it’s a steady high for 11 maybe im in. I just don’t want a steadily decreasing output. And would like modes!
Ive learned to be picky here at blf! Can’t those flashlight companies invest in quality low output high cri lights? Seems so reasonable!!?? :wink: haha

User preference may not be the same as quality, someone else may have the feeling that quality is another user interface/driver behaviour than yours, and for yet someone else the C01 is perfect as it is now.

And those flashlight companies can invest in quality flashlights but customers (at least over here) demand cheap as well, reasonable is that it will not be both at the same time, although I find the C01 a lot of quality for the price.

Then the C01 isn’t for you.

I’m often using twisties. The way they close contact is far from being as reliable as e-switch or clicky mechanics, resulting in bouncing. I’m happy the C01 hasn’t modes. I’m also happy the light fades over time, indicating power level all the time. I’m so used to the C01, I know exactly when to recharge the cell :slight_smile: .

There are so many small “smart” lights, no need to change one of the remaining simple quality lights.

Finally sofirn got the 5mm led high CRI to replace yuji led.

Tint is 3400K

C01 with this new led will be available soon!

How about another Groupbuy?

djozz tested the led


One more thing, sofirn found a 670nm red led 5mm for C01 red body color.

Got some samples to test.

i’m in for a group buy with the 3400K, and i’m interested in the 670nm red in 5mm LED too.

i would love to see the clip design modified to not break and be easier to use, posted in other thread.

I’d be down for a 3400K and a maybe even a red LED version depending on how bright the light is.

Could the output be lowered for the red version?

Glad to hear it!

Were you thinking of doing a discounted price for a group buy, or are you trying to estimate how many to produce?

Interesting. I’m sure if you included a number of these in your batch, they would be relatively popular.

Let’s do it.
i need 5 of each version

Fantastic news Barry! :+1:

I would buy if they came with 2 modes UI reversible L-H and H-L

Excellent :+1:

I’m in for the 670 nm C01 [and some C01 hosts :smiley: ]

I know this is not the proper thread, but I’m in for some hosts too.
(meaning host with driver, AKA light without a led)

Sounds great. I’m in for a 3400 and a 670nm as well.

Me too

I know you’re already on the list, but anyone else who wants to help Sofirn gauge interest in a host version, please make sure you add yourself here:

Very cool, will be buying quite a few of each!