[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

Excellent :+1:

I’m in for the 670 nm C01 [and some C01 hosts :smiley: ]

I know this is not the proper thread, but I’m in for some hosts too.
(meaning host with driver, AKA light without a led)

Sounds great. I’m in for a 3400 and a 670nm as well.

Me too

I know you’re already on the list, but anyone else who wants to help Sofirn gauge interest in a host version, please make sure you add yourself here:

Very cool, will be buying quite a few of each!

I would get at least three of the 3400K and three of the 670nm red.

One question, on the driver, could there be a resistor that is user replaceable for different power levels? The stock one is 20ma, then if you replace the resistor with one that has less resistance it could be set to 40ma or 60ma. Would still give 5+ hours at 60ma and that looks to be around 17lumen, which is a nice amount of light for 5+ hours out of an AAA.

Congratulations on your progress. Many people are very excited.

I think the C01 is a great little light, with all of the LED options you are putting in it, both 5mm and HiPower

Im loving my C01R… please make more :slight_smile:

Now I have a BIG Request

please offer a C01 Copper!

after that, consider Titanium, Timascus, and Mokume…

oh my racing heart… I need to calm down

In for two.

How low do you need the red led C01 to be? Low enough to stare at the led directly? If so, it need to be lower than 1LM

But will most people like a red led light with only one brightness lower than 1LM?

It’s hard to test the lumen of a red led, but we can make sure it’s comfortable to see the red led directly while light is on.

Down for 5 3400k’s and 2 of the red ones.

I think
5 lumens on a single mode 5mm Red LED is most useful.

that is
Half as bright as the second mode on the C01R

for sublumen option, offer more of the 3 mode C01R
the 0.5 lumen low mode of the C01R does a great job for a red moonlight

and if you build C01R with 730nm
the brightness will be good, a bit lower than 660nm on all levels…

Just my opinion, but around 1 lumen should be fine. I have a red LED Peak Eiger that I’m told is 5 lumens and honestly, it seems too bright. I used to have a Streamlight Stylus (the original 5mm LED 3 AAAA) with a red LED and that was perfect, but I have no idea how bright that was.

Thank you for your willingness to alter the output of this version, we all appreciate your flexibility.

I’d like to hear more opinions on the output of the red version.

For those who do not have a C01R and C01S, maybe these photos can help visualize what 0.5, 3, and 5 lumens might look like

Standing up, I cannot see something on the floor, or walk, with 0.5 lumens red
I can see something on the floor, and see well enough to walk, with 3 lumens sst-20 and 5 lumens red

that is why I suggest for the single mode light, to have 5 lumens, not 0.5.


Keep the C01 a no-frills light. Tighten head and have enough light. Please.

And 3 of the red….

I’m for a groupbuy, I’ll be buying some for friend’s kids :wink:
And for me :smiley: In different colours :smiley:

what colors?

and can we have some fancy metals?

Anyone else interested in a Titanium, Copper, or Mokume host? :slight_smile:

Not sure if Sofirn will do that, but I was thinking about the colours used in the C01S, such as orange, olive green, desert tan!

Hum…nah, it would defeat the purpose of this light (for me)!
Too much hassle already to bring these C01 wwith Yuji leds back to life again (thanks Sofirn for it!!!), so fancying other things…not my league for such light! :beer: