[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

I hope someone will offere a modding service for this light, since Sofirn isn’t going to offer hosts. I’d put money up in advance to enable someone to set up for doing that.

I”d love to have an amber one.

And eventually a variety of colors like I used to be able to get in Arc AAAs — UV, blue, aqua, green, amber, orange-red, and red.

Just got a bit old and shaky to work on such tiny hardware myself.

here are some amber LEDs

Maybe Unheard could help with the production phase:

I would like to see more 5600k Yujis too… especially in Titanium and Copper C01 hosts

LEDSales increased shipping costs, so I didn’t stock the white Yujis. Also, I find desoldering a bit too dangerous to mod others lights. Only if I could get C01’s at the price given on sofirnlight.com, I’ll buy some more of them.

Unheard, how many C01 lights would you be interested in? Maybe I can talk to Barry to see if he can get you a special arrangement.

AFAIK, Sofirn is just calculating the sales price for C01. So, sales should be starting very soon (I hope at least).

Crap I just ordered a RED and 3400k version on AliExpress on full price, oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Also for modding I’m maybe interested in a light or two!

I don’t know how closely you’ve followed this thread, but Barry has dropped in a few times and is aware of our interest in other color temperatures (2300K, possibly 5700K) of the Sophia LED’s, as well as a host version with no LED.

However, he later reported that in order to keep the costs low, they are going to just do one big production run with only the 3400K (although apparently after seeing the success of the C01R, they also decided to make a red C01).

If you think it is worth asking again, there was interest in probably close to 200 hosts indicated in this thread (135 on the list, plus 2 more pages not updated on the list):

I’ve been looking for a 2700k AAA light, and this looks to be about as close as I’m gonna get. Question though - what was the rationale for putting the 3400k emitter in the C01 with only one mode, vs using the C01S as the host with 2 modes, or the C01R driver with 3 modes? I thought the C01 was discontinued and replaced by the C01S - it seems like a step backwards to take the one mode C01 out of retirement to put a great emitter in it, when they had multi-mode hosts available that seem much more desirable? Am I missing some pro of the C01 compared to the newer host options?

Edit - after looking at the link posted above me, is it just that the physical size of the 5mm emitter will only fit in the older C01? If that’s the case, I feel like there are a bevvy of good 2000k to 3500k emitters that would fit in the multi-mode AAA sofirn models… I guess I don’t see the appeal / benefit of trying to use a larger 5mm emitter if it means giving up multiple modes, when there are other emitter options of a similar CCT and quality that would allow more features. What am I missing? I’ll still probably buy one, just would love a 2000k-3000k AAA aluminum light with moonlight, low, high modes, and small/light enough for keychain carry.

The C01 was brought back due to its popularity. The first time around it sold out relatively quickly, and there has still been desire for more. The 5mm emitters chosen both times give off very nice light and will only fit the C01 host due to its shape/design. The C01 could have been designed with multiple modes, but 1 was chosen for simplicity’s sake. Simpler electronics, no modes to fuss with. To many it’s actually a plus. The C01S already meets the purposes of a multi-mode C01, and stepping away from 5mm emitters makes more sense for this UI anyway. Simple, single-mode 5mm lights are kind of non-existent elsewhere (arguably because it’s a dated design, but the demand/desire proves its relevance), so this light fills that void.

I agree what pioneer24 is asking, because it is more convenient have 2 modes moon high with reverse UI on durable host.
I hope there will be next batch C01 like this, because apart plastic Nitecore tube there are none 5mm Led multi modes

Sold out already??

It is not an either/or situation it is an
and/both situation
there are single mode high CRI 5mm C01 (very few single 5mm lights use High CRI LEDs). One that does is the very expensive McGizmo Sapphire. Hence my request for Titanium and Copper models.

there are two mode power LED C01S

and there are three mode power LED C01R

I expect we will see the three mode lights offered with High CRI white power LEDs in the future.

by power LED, I mean, smd, not 5mm

so, all the choices are possible.

lastly, if a light does not have an LED you want, it is possible to learn how to change the LED to something you like better.

The thread we are in is only about the 5mm single mode version, but there are other threads for the power LED models.

Too few to ask for a good quote.

But be a hero and ask Barry to have hosts produced after Sofirn sold their stock of complete lights. Can’t be that difficult.

The history is that a few of us had opined for a while that the Fenix E01 was a wonderfully simple, rugged, reasonably efficient light that can run even on mostly dead batteries, whose only flaw was the poor light quality of the emitter. Meanwhile, the Yuji high CRI emitters were being passed around the community regularly for tinkering, with much affection.

slowtechstef and I had a brief conversation about it one day, and from that, he took the initiative to try to get a group buy going for a special edition E01. Fenix ignored us, but then djozz brought the idea up with Barry at Sofirn, and they made it happen.

We discussed a little the possibility of including more features, but decided to focus on keeping it simple, inexpensive, and robust - imitate what made the Fenix E01 great, but fix that emitter.

I have both several C01 and a C01s, and I think both belong on the market. The C01s is a good general purpose EDC type light, with some throw and decent light quality. The C01 is a reliable, cheap light with beautiful light quality in a floody beam that is great for up close use, or for keeping stashed away for emergencies.

I don’t know if Sofirn might ever make a 2700K version of the C01s, but if not, I’ve been told it is not too difficult to mod.

For my part, I plan to mod at least one of the new C01 with a 2300K emitter, and I’ll probably try to do a resistor swap on 1 or 2 of them to create a moonlight version.

No potting. Oh well.

On the bright side, that means modding of this new re-release version is possible now :slight_smile:

So we should nudge Sofirn / Barry to improve the contact area to improve the reliability of both the C01 and the C01S version?

Ok, I’m getting confused. I (apparently successfully) ordered some C01 lights here. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32967363356.html

I’ve been told that these are not really in stock, that they haven’t been built yet...what’s the truth here? Do they physically exist or not? Since the choice of a red body gets grayed out when choosing the 3400k, I assume that is not offered or available. All other colors offered are available to chose...but are they actually stocked?

good questions… Im unclear

says sale starts nov 11 and delivery by Feb 3rd (or is that 2nd of March?)… hmmm:

thats pretty good :beer:

I anyone wants this: My first C01 wasn’t correctly potted due to epoxy not cured. Removed the mess and potted it myself. Not difficult, you’ll see when you do it. OTOH, as it has been said already, it is robust as it is.

This don’t appear on my cart, but they add 1.09$ shipping cost.

By the way modes bright,only C01R have sub lumen.
I hope finally they’ll do one batch with firefly mode for the others too
with CRI 95 2700k Led or lower CCT.

Considering the E21A 2000K project is stalled.

I have never opened a C01 head, anybody have photos to show how to pot a C01?

does a C01 with no potting survive under water?

I already saw djozz son throw the UNPOTTED light
and it clearly survives the impact…

just wondering about water tightness?

some people wont buy the C01 because it is not potted

others want to buy a C01 host, but those are not being offered

since the C01 is now coming not potted, people should just buy those and swap the LED if they want a host…

at sofirn site it shows the C01 costs $4.99

thats a great price for a host