[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

Looks like you could shorten the light by trimming/sanding the head and “reflector” shorter too.

Great pics and RIP C01 used for testing…

All hail the “in the name of flashlight science” !!! :beer:
Thanks djozz, that’s an awesome photo and cut!!!

Neat, a physical cross-section of a light is way cooler than any CAD diagram!

Two more datapoints: 14hrs 0.6lumen, 24hrs 0.1lumen. I call this test a day :slight_smile: Battery voltage is 0.57V now.

Wow, this looks nice. One unsuspecting question: is such a test available for the stock Sophia LED C01 as well?

Just in case anyone had any doubt remaining about whether there is an O-ring around the LED!

In fact, this shows it is better installed that I expected - there is a full groove for the O-ring. On the Sunwayman R01A, it is merely held in place in a shallow counterbore by the flange at the base of the emitter.

Great idea for the dead light, and nice work cleaning it up. I really like cutaways, even when it’s a simple item. There’s even a museum in my area that has an entire tank cut in half like this. I spent probably close to an hour studying it last time I was there.

Also, since I looked it up, here’s the SK68 cutaway post:

I think that someone did that for the Yuji led version, maybe even me :person_facepalming: but it is probably buried in this long thread somewhere, and this Sophia version will not be miles different. Think the same curve as above but starting at 7 lumen, less fast decline and stretching out to over 40 hours.

Thanks, sounds very reasonable.

The cross section is funny and inspiring as well :smiley:

There is a runtime test of the 2018 Yuji version near the end of this review:

It made it nearly 10 hours of regulated output on a 900mAh NiMH cell. Since it is the same driver, and the forward voltage of the Sophia is very similar to the Yuji, performance of the new batch should be very similar.

With the higher initial voltage of an alkaline and their higher capacity at low loads, it should do a little better with alkaline.

I would plan to do an alkaline runtime test with the ceiling bounce app when I receive mine, but I don’t think I have any fresh alkalines in my house. I use NiMH for all important applications, and for everything else, I’ve found that the battery recycling bin at work almost always has plenty of cells in it that are over 1.5V.

One more thing for this thread.

On request of my 10 yrs old son.

He noticed that I had a new batch of C01’s and he remembered the fun of torturing it 1.5 years ago, so he demanded a fresh test. Who am I to deny anyone a flashlight test? :slight_smile: , so there we went, and with him 1.5 years stronger I was not entirely sure. But the C01 (a black and potted one) survived fine again, battered but fully functional.

djozz, I’m totally new to this forum and I already like you so much. You are so lovely and so committed to this community. :heart_eyes:

Actually, I post less and less because of other stuff happening in life, but I like the C01 and I had more time this week than usual :slight_smile:

I`v ordered a couple more of these Sophia leds today, but if my son even Thought of doing anything like that to my lights, I`d whack him so hard not even Google would be able to find him! :smiley:

Scotland just passed a new law on that, you may want to look up where England stands on the subject of wacking off-spring :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Just got a few of the colored C01. I was expecting Desert Tan and green.
I gave some to my friend who is a Vet Doctor, right away he said that both of the lights are almost a perfect color match for a healthy dog poop

Barry, now I am wondering what did your guys mix in the anodizing powder

Baha, I ordered the same colours as you.
Well, at least I’ll have a handy reference when inspecting dog poop!

I just got mine. I didn’t realize desert tan = brown. :slight_smile:

So, can some one post the link for magnets?
Very pleasant beam. Need this in AA!

From the pictures, I would have called it root beer. Certainly a more appealing name than the other suggestion.

In case you have any orders there planned, it appears Convoy offers the right size:

Are the brown ones potted?