[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

I know,they quintuplicate minimum their effective cost.
Someone will buy them anyway…AM. first :smiley:

I dont recommend the C01 5mm Red, the beam is funky

wish I had a couple spare Yujis to swap in

I recommend the C01R instead, it has a better beam, and better modes

Thanks for sharing the comparison! Darn, I guess they weren’t able to improve it much beyond the prototype.

Guess I’ll have to figure out what to do with the two I already have on the way. Maybe sand the led to try and smooth it out, or put a diffuser on ’em, and put ’em on my ruck for night time… chemlight style.

For anybody who sands or scotchbrights the LED on their deep red C01, I’m sure I’m not the only person who would appreciate seeing a before and after photo.

I think this is only a cosmetic problem. Anyone better try if this beam works for him first before sanding the dome, which might reduce output in terms of lumens, but for sure reduce brightness. The newer rngwn ‘high power’ LEDs also have a slightly deformed spot, clearly visible at the white wall, but insignificant in the wilderness.

My stash of C01 just came in.

Uh-ooh, what is that white stuff?!

Well, some will like this a lot but not me who wants a host for other leds.

(To be viewed in 3D when crossing your eyes)
Hard solid potting! Great tough lights but not for modding. I guess I have a lot of lights to give away now :neutral_face:

Btw, I measured 7 lumen output, the beam is rather nice (not perfect but the Yuji version was not perfect either) and the tint is lovely (3300K, right on the BBL, 98CRI, R9=89)

I guess I will be begging for a host version after all, but I’m afraid all 5000 are done already :frowning:

Oh, sound wonderful for those searching for a LED cockroach :-D. And 7lm in 3400K is better than the Yuji with 6lm in 3200K I guess.

Since those are said to be not potted this is a bit strange but nice, so a real cockroach :-).


Is it signed BLF C01?

Arrived yesterday - as you can see, no potting - bad luck djozz

Wow, Sofirn made it a lottery! :open_mouth:
I have a couple of orange ones too, will check.

The o-ring situation…
Hammering out de potting with a bolt on top of the led required a lot of force, but it worked. And the o-ring is a confirmative.

But also no o-ring! Well, glad I haven’t ordered them yet (10 were planned).

yes potted, yes O ring:
(I added the arrow and text)

Not Potted:

Does it have an O ring?

Additional info.

*All lights are labeled Sofirn C01
*I ordered 10x black, 8x green, 8x orange.
*All black and all green have potting.
*All orange have no potting (jay)
*I checked a potted black one and a non-potted orange one, both have o-rings in place around the led.

Edit: looks like your post was edited before I clicked quote lol.
I think he is referring to this image, which I am also not really able to definitively see an o ring in


I received my 3 C01 Red lights yesterday, all were potted. Beam is not super great, but I’m a big 5mm fan and I like the single mode. Will likely try sanding the emitter on one at some point and get comparison shots if no one has yet. My regular C01 lights should arrive today (1 of each color), I will report back about potting when they’re in.

(I added bolding about O rings)
thanks for the great info!

same here:

Potting summary:

potted C01 colors:

NOT potted C01 colors:

anyone have desert tan and blue 2020 C01? do they look potted or not?

same questions for the C01S and C01R… potted or not?

My C01R looks like it is Not Potted:

I really like the green ano, a nice deep olive. Here illuminated with 4500K 9080 219b :

Sorry, had to take my glasses off to see clearly - what I received as follows :

2 - orange - no potting does have o ring

1 - green - potted

1 - brown - no potting does have o ring

1 - blue - no potting does have o ring

1 red 670nm RED - potted

Is it just a simple 5mm inner diameter o-ring that would be needed after removing the potting material?

EDIT: Nevermind… I think they all have o-rings… brain is just a little foggy at the moment.

shirnask, thanks for the potting and O ring info, very helpful
Im satisfied that it appears All C01 have O rings around the 5mm LED

Potting summary:
potted C01 colors:

NOT potted C01 colors: