[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

Baha, I ordered the same colours as you.
Well, at least I’ll have a handy reference when inspecting dog poop!

I just got mine. I didn’t realize desert tan = brown. :slight_smile:

So, can some one post the link for magnets?
Very pleasant beam. Need this in AA!

From the pictures, I would have called it root beer. Certainly a more appealing name than the other suggestion.

In case you have any orders there planned, it appears Convoy offers the right size:

Are the brown ones potted?

My brown one is not potted. Are there any Banggood links? I don’t really buy from Aliexpress.

I got these ones for my C01S from FastTech: https://www.fasttech.com/p/4113703
I noticed that at 90 degrees on a smooth metal surface, the light may slip a bit (though I’m not sure if that’s about how strong they should be.)

I think you must have a bit of luck with these magnets how magnetised they are. Sellers like banggood and Fasttech for sure will not check their magnet batches, a bit less magnetised will go unnoticed. I was lucky with a small batch that is pretty good (Fasttech, 2 years ago), my C01 sticks fairly well. Any new magnets I may buy from supermagnete.de, they claim a reputation for good magnets.

All my blacks have been potted, but none of the green, brown, orange, and red ones. Nice colors, btw.

The 670nm C01 is nice. It’s visibly deeper red than the 660nm C01S (Cree emitter). The uneven beam is no problem to me, but it’s, well, a thrower to some degree. Maybe I’ll sand one of them to get a larger spot.

I’m very happy about this 2nd edition C01’s with some more incoming :smiley: . Thanks, Sofirn! :beer:

Edit: and thanks, rngwn for making this possible in the first place.

My little Yuji light is one of my favorites. If Sofirn makes these available on Amazon like they do for most of their lights, I will buy several more for gifts, even if they cost a few dollars more. But I won’t order from China anymore. Simon @ convoy is the only exception. This 2nd edition sounds great.

thanks for sharing your experience, thats the first report of non potted green and red C01…

I guess green are mixed, some potted, some not potted…

same with Red, you report not potted, my C01 Red are potted.

consistently inconsistent lol

Both of my C01 Red are potted.

to address the “Battery vampire” question, I`v done a test and they will work right down to 0.46v! maybe even lower if I let it, but the light at that voltage isn`t really usable anyway, the led looks just about lit even in the dark.
But the caveat is that you need to be at a higher voltage than that to get the driver board to fire up in the first place! and once it does you have to leave the light running and not turn it off at all else it wont turn back on again.
I`m not sure what the minimum trigger voltage is, I`m guessing at least 0.7v, but it Will run a battery down to Well below this if you just leave it running :slight_smile:

A small addition to that, an effect that helps a bit: almost empty alkaline batteries tend to recover their voltage a bit when the load is taken away, it may take some time. So even when you switch the light off at say 0.5V and the light will not turn on again, after a while you may measure over 0.7V again, maybe enough to fire up the chip. Once the light is on the voltage nose-dives back to 0.5

This is making me want an AA version of the C01 now!

Surely I`m not the only one that would love to see this scaled up a little (but still identical) to accomodate AA batts?
maybe a bigger magnet slot obviously, but still with a single Sophia or Yuji Led.
These would make great emergency “candles” around the house! :wink:

I’d like an AA version as well. Even a deep red.

I got both a red (670nm) and black (3400k) C01 and both are potted. They’re nice little lights for going to the toilet or something. My C01S produces wayy too much light on the low-setting for such a thing, but the 3400k C01 produces a much more diffused (less throwy) and dim, warm light. The C01 670nm has a distinct “squarish” dot, presumably the LED dye being visible by the optics. The LED is indeed dark red (my first “real” red light so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but two C01R’s are on its way too). I won’t carry’em everyday like my C01S but they’ll probably find a good space next to my night table :slight_smile: I’ll try to take some beamshots tonight.

The C01R is insanely bright. For me, I only use low or medium at most. If the red C01 square-ish hotspot irks you… you could mod the LED by scratching it up. I’m in the process of doing it, and it does soften the dye mark in the hotspot.

Nice soft flood beam for these C01 lights and tint is better than C01S at low mode

I agree, I guess the C01S is more of a “thrower” and the C01 is more of a flood-light.

Yes and my C01 Red Led is potted, the others Orange and Blue Not