Bad News - Powerizer has been discontinued...

Just got this email from

Hi Tom,

The #6459 was discontinued from manufacturer, please review #6423 see if that can work for your application.


Customer service/Sales
#6459 is the Powerizer 26650 - most powerful cell known to mankind (something like that...). This is really bad news, least for me...

IS still has some MNKE's.

Got plenty of the inferior MNKE's.... No comparison. What a Powerizer can do with a 5A Nanjg is amazing - can't get anywhere near that amperage with a MNKE... The Powerizer barely beats a SONY 50A (but much lower capacity) and even beats a Sam 20R...

Only hope now is tivo532's driver: If this driver has significantly lower resistance than a pile of 7135's, maybe, just maybe you can obtain high amps on one cell driving an XM-L2 or XP-G2 on copper with nice mode options.

I thought they were the same thing.

No - same color, same/close mAh but totally different guts. I think I got #'s comparing the 2 used in the same custom mod - big difference in amps. Like I said, the Powerizer will beat a Samsung 20R, and the Sam 20R is the lowest resistance 18650 cell around, as far as I know... The KK's beat the MNKE on low resistance, they are good, but not great.

Damn. The price is decent too. It would have fit nicely into my collection.


mnkes are inferior to many newer cells

see here

not a definitive test, but definitely interesting since all of vinhs lights demand high amps

Nothing like a Powerizer — damn

Some of those cells are pathetic, or pretty well known. Weird -- SONY 50A's should be the king, and it's not even included there! The mystery blue one and Kinoko sound promising, though dunno bout the specs, and can't tell anything until they go head to head against a SONY or Samsung 20R. The Powerizer has gone head to head against the SONY and Sam 20R and won! Any other comparison is meaningless.

I have no clue what a X3vn is, but drivers make all the difference. I've seen Flames out perform unprotected cells of much better quality - all depends on the driver and other factors. Best test is straight direct drive or high amp 7135 based drivers because they simply limit current, don't regulate it.

The X3vn is a vinhnguyen54 modded light.

oh no… I didn’t get the chance to buy one yet… damn it… you snooze, you lose I guess :_(

I was confused as to how he managed to get 9.6A to a single emitter, looks like he mislabeled the first gif.

It's a triple vs the x10vn which is a single emitter.

yes - the test really isnt a 26650 test, rather its a test of which 26650 works in vinhs triple xml2 single 26650 light

i would be curious to see how a sony does in this same test - FYI - my samsung 20r does 8.2 amp in this light - outperforming some of those 26650 including the mnke!

im going to order some kinoko to try in the same light

but that is a shame about powerizer :frowning:

This Whoa! link is for a 21 Powerizer cell pack that shows "In Stock". I called BatterySpace and they said it's really not in stock, dis-continued. I was hoping I could make them an offer for one of these sets for like $200 and just give me the cells from it, but no good...

I bought two a few weeks ago…for testing, and they performed flawlessly. I was meaning to order more…but I guess I’m too late. What a shame. Amazing things these powerizers.