Batch run: copper s2+ triple heatsinks, retaining ring style. [COMPLETED]

Hey Hoop, so happy to see you back here. I still have a single and a triple of yours waiting for just the right light. I’ve been thinking of a copper S2+ host lately just to make it pure.

Occasionally I get them out just to marvel at the craftsmanship and to remind myself that they need to be put to good use. Very much looking forward to see what you come up with next.

Cheers :beer: :beer: :beer:

I’ll take TWO please. Thank you.

Interesting. :slight_smile:
Are you both the designer and the maker or just the maker?

He is the designer and the maker:

Uh oh. Cats out of the bag haha. I’ll make a post about my company and the light later today. ^:)

/\:beer: . :THUMBS-UP:

Yes, it was not too obvious at 1st glance.

First off, both the manufacturer of the light and you were based Spokane WA. That was the 1st clue.

Second, you wrote that you were using a FET+1 driver based off of an Atiny controller. That was the 2nd clue, and the proof that the manufacturer was on BLF.

Third, I saw something interesting. You wrote about using silver-plated BeCu springs. I then searched for BeCu springs on BLF, which yielded mostly my thread results, and then I saw this post specifically mentioning Beryllium Copper springs:

I then connected the dots, and realized that it was actually you who started the Kickstarter :slight_smile:

Nice light BTW. I would have loved it if you could use a boost driver though for NiMH compatibility. Although there are not available boost drivers in the BLF variety.

That’s good detective work right there. :THUMBS-UP:

/\ … Sure is. . :THUMBS-UP:

And I thank you for that Detective work, but my wallet does not! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Hoop, very much looking forward to lighting up the darkside. :slight_smile:

DARKSIDE | NYMPH (10440 twisty Fet+1 flashlight w/ 4k 9050 219C)

I want one!

I would buy a few 3-4 copper pills if you make more

Hi Natewar, I made a new batch of triples, shown here: FS: Copper "BIG RET" S2+ triple heatsinks [Closed]

Hoop,I'd like 3 of the Triple Heatsink and Ring for S2+

I received the 3 S2+ copper triples with ring from Hoop today.

All I can say is WOW,I'm in awe.

Any intent for singles? I’ve bought like a shit ton of triples from ya, need singles now:)

Negative. I am going to make complete lights only going forward.

Wish you luck with that Hoop!

Any intent for singles? I’ve bought like a shit ton of triples from ya, need singles now:)

Quality parts will always have a demand and that's what pays the bills while new avenues can be explored.

I's like some regular S2+ pills with ring with that special Hoop mastering.

What impressed me most about the triples was the threads.The pitch and depth were perfect.