Battery/Cell Holder/Carrier?

Thanks for the suggestions!

First product is waterproof but not able to be belt mounted. But still a remote possibility.

Second product is not suitable as it appears to be not waterproof and can’t be belt mounted.

Third product can be belt mounted but is not entirely waterproof. So not really a good choice.

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Yeah… im pretty good with mine… maybe someone else is interested… !?
Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect product, maybe it’s better to make you own one… !?
And in some cases you have to be creative or the best solution is the simple one…!? What you are going to do if you are in cave 100% moisture and water droping from the roof… !?

I use this: dividers are removeable for size adjustment, bought at WM.
Many of those belt pouches on Amazon.


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Doob tube

Plus ammo belt