Battery consumption.

Which one consumes more battery the CREE XP-G3 S5 or Nichia 219C.
And if the Nichia consumes less, for how much approx.

Thank you for your help.


This’ll be interesting. I’ve never checked.
I always just carry a spare battery in shorts pocket on Walkabouts.

Djozz’s test of the XP-G3 S5 is here: Cree XP-G3, testing a S5 3A emitter
In the first graph you can see the light output compared to a 219c 5000K which shows that the XP-G3 outputs more light for the same power.
However, you need to specify the conditions to make sure you get the right answer to your question.

For example, if you run them at the same current controlled setting on the same light there will be negligable difference in the battery consumption but they XP-G3 will output more light.
If you reduce the current to the XP-G3 so it matches the light output from the 219c then the XP-G3 will consume less power so the 219c will consume more battery.
If you set them up to be able to see objects at a specific distance, i don’t know.

Problem is the absolutely hideous beam from the G3 in any reflector light. Either use a TIR or lots of DCFix.

A G2 would be less of a problem, and probably better to compare with a ’219C.

Actually, if the light is fully regulated, the 219C will actually last longer than the XP-G3 due to an extremely low forward voltage.

Thank you very much for your excellent explanation.
Very easy to understand.
I’m ordering a couple of lights and they give both choices.
The current is lower in the Nichia. So is the output. I will say 30% lower.
I’m not sure if I want to sacrifice that much output for a better quality of light.
They claim a better CRI. To which I’m totally ignorant of.
I’m an Imalent buyer, that says everything.

Also, thank you for the link. I will take me a good couple of hours to comprehend
something like that. But I’ll read it.


IMO, get the Nichia 219C version of the light.

The difference in light output is not significant enough to see well, but the color quality difference is amazing.

This is the link for the a8. 350 lumens. With Nichias.
I have the a1 with G3s 550 lumens. But I like this concept better.
In this one battery consumption is critical, since it only has a 130mAh capacity.

Also in the same website, check the new Angel Eyes with Nichias.
I have the same light with G3s. 2000 lumens.
The Nichia one is only 1200.
Would it be worth the change to the Nichias.
This are working lights that I use all the time.

Thank you for your input.


To the human eye, there is very little difference between 1200 and 2000 lumens. On paper, just looking at the numbers, it’s 2/3 more, but the human eye doesn’t perceive light in a linear fashion. It’s noticeably brighter, sure, but it’s more like 10-15% brighter to the human eye than 66% on paper. In my opinion, the superior color rendering of the Nichia makes up for its slightly reduced brightness, as that does also factor into how well you can see/identify something when shining a light on it.

Thank you kuzuna for your detailed explanation.
Thanks to your post, I’ve already pulled the trigger. Nichias.
As I said, I carry this lights everyday.