Best 18650 USB rechargeable light in 2020?

Need to make a few presents. Long time passed since I was able to tell which one is really good. Currently I own and use daily a few convoys (s2) and Nitecore MH20GT.

What I need now: Best 18650 USB rechargeable flashlight in S2/MH20 dimensions, good brand, good quality.
XP-L HI led I like most, but maybe this is not the last possible best option?

Will be very happy for any suggestions with models. Thanks!

“Best” means different things to different people. Perhaps some characteristics that you like in your flashlight…

Eg. some people like throw, so a throwy light is “best” for them. While some prefer “floody” beam lights for small flashlights, so that is “best” for them.

some consider continuous runtime very important, others don’t mind the runtime that much, as long as they can “wow” their friends with a 10-second extremely bright “Turbo” mode (which drops quickly in brightness) and have a relatively inefficient driver…

Ok, what is “best for me”

1. Quality of product and feel in hand, reliability.
2. In this size it cant be a real thrower, but I really like XP-L Hi throw in Convoy S2+. Much better for me than my old floody Conoy S2 with XM-L.
3. Turbo mode, yes. I want it.
4. Price not more than $60-70
5. USB charging mode.
6. Size like S2+ or MH20, not bigger.

Something like that. Thanks!

It’s not expensive but the Wurkkos FC-11 is a thoroughly decent light and has a high CRI emitter - [Review] Wurkkos FC11 - 18650 EDC with USB-C You can also swap out the 18650 tube for a short one to take an 18350.

Maybe check this list? May find something that meets your needs.

ordered MH20GT. Was not able to find something better for the price. Thanks!