Best Budget Headlamp - USB Port - <$35 USD

Hi Guys

I’m involved with scouts in Australia and require a Headlamp for the first-aid kit.
The priority is Simplicity, Reliability and Longevity as this may be used in emergency situations.


Budget (under $35 USD)
Lumens >150
Longest Runtime as possible (to reduce replacing batteries)
Has Built in USB Charging port on torch

Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions regarding my requirements.
Was thinking of skill-hunt but really have no idea if is good for my needs

Sofirn SP40, was available for $17ish for the neutral white and $19ish for warmer tints. It’s got basically everything you’d want from a right angle/headlamp for a very budget oriented price.

1000 lumens too.
My only complaint is its ui

YLP Panda 2R

Check out the Imalent HR20 or HR70.


The King

This is currently my favorite budget headlamp. BUT… it doesn’t have USB charging and I wouldn’t use it without modifications. Unless they’ve changed it since it was first released, there are no stepdowns, so it gets dangerously hot. With custom firmware, however, the Convoy H1 is awesome! It looks like the UI has been updated, but not sure about the stepdown situation.

“The (budget) King”… made better :slight_smile:

Ditto on the SP40 (review). Great headlamp for the price.